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George Orwell 1984的問題

我想要George Orwell 1984 part 2 chapter 6的簡介

要有包含 plot(character, suspense ,surprise, inevitability), contrast(tone, mood, description) ,recurrence(words, ideas,events), motifs(key ideas, images,concepts) and language(style, dialogue, narration) 的介紹



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    Character List

    Winston Smith:

    the protagonist, is a quiet man in his late thirties, something of an intellectual, who nurses a secret hatred of the Party. He goes through the motions of outward orthodoxy, but inside he lives in a world of dreams, memories and endless speculation about the existence of the past in the face of the Party's continual alteration of documents. When he meets Julia, he finds an outlet both for his heretical opinions and for the love he yearns to share with another human being. His health, both physical and mental, improves during this time. 請參考以下網址更多說明


    is a prominent Inner Party member with whom Winston feels a strange bond. Somehow (writes Winston), even if O'Brien is an enemy, it wouldn't matter because he feels that he can talk to O'Brien, that O'Brien would understand without needing explanation. O'Brien is a large man, graceful in his movements, clearly intelligent. 請參考以下網址更多說明


    is a philologist working on the Eleventh Edition of the Newspeak Dictionary, and the closest to a friend that Winston has, because (although he dislikes Winston) they can have interesting conversations. Penetrating, intelligent, incisive, Syme is vaporized despite his fanatical devotion to the Party.


    Winston, walking down the long corridor where he had first spoken to Julia, encounters O'Brien, who addresses him cordially regarding Newspeak and what he considers Winston's elegant use of it. O'Brien obliquely refers to Syme as someone who shares this opinion, to whom he had spoken recently; Winston takes this as some sort of signal.

    O'Brien says that he had noticed that Winston had recently used two words now obsolete in the forthcoming Tenth Edition of the Newspeak Dictionary, which has not been issued yet but of which O'Brien has an advance copy. He offers Winston to visit him at his flat to take a look at the Dictionary; through this device he gives Winston his address.

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    This whole exchange‹which has taken place under the watchful eye of a telescreen‹takes only a couple of minutes, but it has sparked in Winston both a cautious joy in the existence of the conspiracy he had hoped for, and a dreadful certainty that it is the beginning of the end for him.

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    Once again, a dream of Winston's comes true: namely, an interaction with O'Brien that seems to establish a mutual "thoughtcrimeful" tendency. Winston regards the conversation as a summons for which he has been waiting for his whole life.

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    Quote 31: "He had the sensation of stepping into the dampness of a grave, and it was not much better because he had always known that the grave was there and waiting for him." Part 2, Chapter 6, pg. 160

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    Summary and Analysis of Part Two, Chapters 6-10



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    Character List

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    太多po不完 我大概整理

    1Character List






    Book Review of 1984

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