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Question about the NBA standings?

In the NBA Standings... you know... where they have the columns: W, L, PCT, GB, CONF, DIV, HOME, ROAD, L 10, STREAK...

Is anyone able to explain sufficiently what each of these mean, and what the figures under each title represent? I don't quite understand what those numbers mean either. (Well... except W and L... that one is obvious for me)

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    w: wins,

    l: loses...

    pct: winning percentage...take home many games uve won divide by ur loses...like is ur 10 and 10 ur winning % is 500....

    GB: games behind..how many games u are behind the 1st place ranking....

    CONF: your confrence record...the recrod u have agasint team in ur confrence...i.e.(southwestern, northeastern)

    DIV: ur record agasint ur division...i.e. (eastern or western), HOME: your home record...

    ROAD: ur road record

    L.10: ur record in the last 10 games ur team has played...

    STREAK: how many gamesi n a row uve won or lost

    there you go

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    Field Goal percentage (pct) Conference record(COnf)Division record(Div)record at Home (home) record away(away)how many games lost in a row(lost)

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    PCT=winning percentage

    GB=Games behind the division leader

    CONF=record against teams in their conference

    DIV=record against teams in their division

    HOME=record when playing at home

    ROAD=record when playing away games

    L10=record in the last 10 games

    STREAK=tells if they've won say 3 games in a row, or lof 5 in a row, etc.

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    Much of that stuff is used as tie breakers

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