Is Ford Motor a merchandise or manufacturing business?

Are the following companies are merchandise, or manufacturing business? Ford Motor, citigroup, sears Reobuck, at&t, H&R Block inc, Boeing, First union corporation, alcoa, cvs, caterpillar, FedEx, Dow Chemical, Gap, Hilton Hotel and Procter & gamble

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    Ford Motor Co - automobile manufacturer

    Citigroup - financial services corporation

    Sears Roebuck - retailer

    AT&T - telecommunications corporation

    H & R Block - financial services corporation

    Boeing - aerospace equipment manufacturer

    First Union Corporation - financial services corporation

    Alcoa - aluminium manufacturer

    CVS - retailer

    Caterpillar - heavy construction equipment manufacturer

    FedEx - air freight transportation company

    Dow Chemical - chemical manufacturer

    Gap - retailer

    Hilton Hotel - hotel chain

    Proctor & Gamble - personal care products manufacturer

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    Ford Motor Company Merchandise

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    ford manufactures merchandise

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