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Does anyone know of a good natural medicine website which is supported by links to double-bind studies?

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    This is the journal of the american medical association. You can look up herbs and supplements and find all kinds of studies.


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    I doubt if you will find that because most "natural" or

    "alternative" therapies do not have the same bucks as

    large pharmaceutical companies and cannot afford double-

    blind studies. They test the product over many years and with

    many patients. One "natural therapy" doctor I really respect

    is Also, any book by

    Dr. James F. Balch, M.D. The ultimate authority on

    herbal healing is, James H. Duke, PhD

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    I have found this company's website very informative on Herbal Remedies. I have also called the company and they are more than helpful (Most important, they keep everything confidential) with your health problems. Here is the website -, all their information can be found on their site.

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    1 decade ago will get you in contact with a health and wellness company that use all naturally derived products that have the science behind them.

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    look up or

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