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Chrysler LHS 02 sensor testing???

Does anyone out there know how to test oxygen sensors on the 1997 Chrysler LHS? I know there are four of em' and one has gone out, but I need to know how to figure out which one!

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    If u know u have a bad o2. I guess u must have used a scanner or equivalent. There are 4 o2s on LHS. The way u can tell the difference is by the # sequence that the failure code is giving u. For example the o2s on the right side are even # on the left odd #. Pre cat is 1 after cat is 2. So if u have bad 2/2 Than u know it's right rear or a bad 1/1 is left front ect ect. First make sure u have the right code. With out a scanner. it can be done with a volt meter or a vantage, but it's a heck of a lot easier pulling the codes.

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    Buy the 02 sensor for pre-cat (before)converter.Take one out ,then see if the light goes out.If it doesnot its the other pre-cat that is out.Problem solved

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