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About different relays in track...?

My friend and I disagreed about this. I thought a 4*800 relay is where everyone on the relay team(each person of the 4) runs a 200. and for the 4 by 1600 relay each person runs a 400, but my friend says each person would run a 1600 which sounds totally wrong.

And one more unrelated question, how do you pronounce filet mignon?

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    in the 800 meter relay each person runs a 200 and in the 1600 meter relay each person runs a 400.... so yes you are right and your friend is wrong..... and in the 3200 meter relay each person runs a 800 and i am sure that you know about each of the other relays

    Source(s): i run track
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    For a 4by8 all four people run a 800 or two times around a 400m track. For a 1600 which i think you mean 1600 total that is a 4by4 so for people each run a 400 or 1 time around a outdoortrack.

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    4 x 200 relay (aka 800 relay) - each of the 4 runs a 200.

    4 x 400 relay (aka 1600 or mile relay) - each of the 4 runs a 400.

    4 x 800 relay (aka 3200 relay) - each of the 4 runs an 800.

    4 x 1600 relay (aka 6400 relay) - each of the 4 runs a 1600.

    Hope this clears it up, there are 2 ways to describe the relays. I was captain of my high school track team.

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    in out door track there are 2 relays. 4X100 where obviously each person runs a 400m,

    the 4 X 400m which is also called the 1600m(other name for 4 X4) relay where each person runs a 400m

    Some speciality races(like indoors or invitationals as like Wannamaker Mile, state meets) will have the 4 X 800M, 4 X 1500M etc. Not a usual races on the high school or international circuit

    Source(s): ex olymian hurdler(who also ran the 4 X100M and invitational meets) high school track & field coach
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    Nope, your friend is right, you're wrong in this case (sorry to be the bearer of bad news :)) For a 4x800, everyone runs an 800 (which is 2 times around a 400m track) and for a 4x1600, everyone runs a 1600, which is 4 times around a 400m track, or 1 mile. Hope this helps!

    Fill-ay Mig-nyon is how I think it's pronounced-that's how my dad says it anyway. But I don't take French, so don't quote me on this answer!

    Source(s): Track runner (though I don't usually run relays-just the mile and the 800m) Heard people talk about various meats all my life-my dad loves meat. A lot loves meat.
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    in a 4*800 each of the four runners runs an 800 the same with the 4*1600 each of the four runners runs a 1600 and Emma is wrong because i ran 4x800s so i think i would know

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    I ran track in HS and this is the lingo we used. I'm sure there are different ways of describing the same thing:

    4x100= four people each run a 100 (1/4 of a lap)

    4x400= four people each run a 400 (once around the track)

    4x800= four people each run an 800 (two laps)

    Fill-AYE min-yoHN. :-)

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    its actually 4 people running 800 each for 4x800 and 4 people run 1600 for 4x1600. i really dont think theres a 4x400. that be weird.

    Source(s): I REALLY run track.
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    fill lay min yawn but say it sort of with a french accent and you've got it. I would comment on the other question, but everyone else seems to have covered that correctly.

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