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Anyone into/or used to wear ,Mary-Jane shoes ??

Dressy shoes or not ?

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    there are so many different styles within the Mary-Jane category.. the key to making it dressy is to have a nice stiletto heel ..designers like charles david and marc jacobs make the best Mary-Janes for an older woman b/c no one wants to look like a 2 year old from the ankle down

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    In the 1920's they made a shoe for a man called a "spat". it looked just like a mary jane only like a "high-top" mary jane. People could bring the actual maryjanes back into style for men

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    I have mary jane heels by a company called Sarah Janes. They are my favorite shoes.

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    totally great. especially if you can find a pair that have that 1920's flapper look. you can dance in them. if you want them to be dressy, get them with a heel. if you want to do casual, get those new slexible cloth or suede maryjanes that are almost like little ballet slippers... they look great with a short skirt and leggings !

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    Yes , they are dressy shoes I actually got me some and wore them in my wedding.They are sexy as hell , also they are advertised with very erotic sexy clothing places that sell women's lingerie.


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    i like them.. they look great with leggings and a simple dress to be casual, but u can wear them with just about anything.. dressy and not.. it is up to u!

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    i hate maryjane shoes

    I refused to send my daughter to a upscale private school because i would not make anyone wear anything so ugly!

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    ummmmm Anthropologie has gr8 mary janes and peep toes....

    i personally h8 mary janes sooo mary janes for me will always b an out

    stay gorgeous,


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    i had to because of private school only black leather

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