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How long does it take a condom to biodegrade?


I'm talking about an used condom exposed to environmental conditions. Not about the expiration.

Update 2:

I'm talking about an used condom exposed to environmental conditions. Not about the expiration...

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    Most condoms are made of latex rubber, like latex gloves and balloons. The people who manufacture balloons have studied the breakdown of their product in the environment and they report:

    "Field tests show that latex rubber balloons are very degradable on exposure in the environment under a broad range of exposure conditions including exposure to sunlight and weathering, exposure to water, and exposure to soil. The balloon samples show significant degradation after six weeks of exposure. The balloon samples appear to be degrading at about the same rate as oak tree leaves and about three times faster than small pieces of wood (oak and pine)."

    In *my* back yard, oak leaves can take 1-3 years to fully break down.

    Other materials that condoms may be made of include animal membranes (which would biodegrade very quickly) and polyurethane (which probably biodegrades more slowly than latex).

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  • Kerey
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    A very good question young man, a condom is part of the male genitalia It will start growing once the penis is fully formed, It varies from person to person but the normal range is 15-18 depending on your genes your condom will be a different color (*the most common being brown*) It will take up to a month to form once this is done you are ready for intercourse. *ADDITIONAL INFORMATION* - If your don't see the start of a condom growing once your 18 you may have genetic disorder in which the condom doesn't form naturally, there is an operation which can be preformed in which the plaster a synthetic condom over the tip of your penis (*you will need to get is changed once a month*). - It isn't rare that an infection might occur while the condom is growing, if this happens contact a doctor immediately before irreversible damage is done. I hope you find this little article helpful :)

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    i'm presuming you are talking about a used one? it would depend on whether it's going to be exposed to the sun and going straight into the landfill? either way they'll take years.

    If you really want to be environment friendly, you may consider applying some oil based lubricants such as Vaseline or cold cream as they break down the latex. Alternatively, if you have a strong stomach, chewing also helps to break up latex.

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    Depends on type and where left to biograde- if it is tough rubber- about- rubber is not biodegradable- and neither are tires-?? is may break down to smaller particles- but no one wants that in the water supply=D

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    Depends on the woman you use it on. The other day the fumes were enough to peel the paint off a car.

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  • Anonymous
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    I'd say six months or a year. - be careful...

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