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請問doxymycin enteric要停藥多久才可懷孕?

我大概吃了7個月的抗酒糟性皮膚炎的doxymycin enteric藥, 今年想受孕生個豬寶寶, 有否專家可告知要停藥多久才可受孕呢? (我目前還在服藥, 之前問過醫生是說三個月)

提供資料的大大, 我將非常感激ㄜ!!

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    Absorption(吸收): Almost completely from the GI tract; absorption can be reduced by food or milk by 20%

    Distribution(分布): Widely distributed into body tissues and fluids including synovial and pleural fluid, bile, bronchial secretions; poor penetration into the CSF; appears in breast milk

    Protein binding(蛋白質結合率): 80% to 85%

    Metabolism(代謝): Not metabolized in the liver; partially inactivated in the GI tract by chelate formation

    Bioavailability: 90% to 100%

    Half-life: 12-15 hours (usually increases to 22-24 hours with multiple dosing)

    Time to peak serum concentration: Oral: Within 1.5-4 hours

    Elimination: In the urine (23%) and feces (30%)

    Dialysis: Not dialyzable


    簡單說明,這個藥沒有蓄積性,所以3個月是安全估計保證期,其實代謝只需1天時間,您並不用擔心,但是如果正在懷孕就一定不能吃, 不然寶寶以後長出來的牙齒會黑黑的,一輩子喔,一定要注意!!

    Source(s): 本身為藥師,UptoDate
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