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Where can I download LINK and LOST HEAVEN (both done by L'Arc~en~ciel) for free? (w/o Limewire, etc)??

I don't want answers such as - Limewire, Bitorrent, and all those other cheap websites....

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    you could try IRC (mIRC, UPP, chatzilla, etc) #nipponsei @ irc.rizon.net and downloading the FMA movie single

    To request a file, type "/msg Nippon|zongzing xdcc send #x"

    #254 547x [38M] [Nipponsei] Full Metal Alchemist MOVIE OP-ED Single - Link [L'arc En Ciel].zip

    so type in

    /msg Nippon|zongzing xdcc send #254


    you can also download the rest of the FMA singles and OSTs

    if not



    you'll have to register with Gendou, it's free

    or you can drop me an email, stating your email address and i can send it to you

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    Try FrostWire, turbocharge and its very very good.

    Its a LimeWireish program, it even has skins if you dont like the blue one. (At least it doesnt have spyware like LimeWire.)

    If not try Shareaza, they are both Gnutella kind.

    Source(s): www.frostwire.com www.Shareaza.com
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    Here I got mIRC for free http://bitly.com/1vKH0El

    Good Bye

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