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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 1 decade ago

im playing f e a r on xbox 360 i rescued alice wade from the office im stuck any help out there?

i dont know how to proceed any farther

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Talk to Alice Wade, and give her a comlink when prompted

    to do so. Apparently Harlan is at some "classified facility" somewhere, and

    you need Alice to get in, so you're gonna have to evac her. After she's done

    talking, Betters will tell you to use Harlan's laptop.

    - Recover data from Harlan Wade's laptop

    Shortest and easiest objective in the game. Just activate his laptop to finish

    this joke of an objective. After you've downloaded the coordinates of the

    "facility" you will get your new objective.

    - Escort Alice Wade to the roof for evac

    Return the way you came until you reach the room with the blockaded window.

    Use the gap to shoot at the Replicas coming to reclaim Alice. Using your angle

    and SlowMo, you can take them all out before they can even get out of the

    elevator. After they are dead, hop on and take a ride to the roof. Uh oh!

    Looks like you got more than you bargained for. Replicas have called for the

    elevator on just about every floor from yours to the roof. Each time the door

    opens, 2-3 enemies will attack, so use SlowMo judiciously to take them all out.

    On the 13th floor however, the power will go out. Coincidence? I think not.

    Anyway, leave the relative safety of the elevator to go restore power. But

    that sneaky Alma will steal your elevator, along with Alice, so it looks like

    we need to move to Plan B. Go through the hall that was previously blocked by

    a security gate and through the door on the right. Go up the stairs, then out

    into a long room with guards at the far end. After you pick off the first guy,

    one of the ones on the ground will rush. Take him down, then finish off the

    one leftover. Go up the stairs at the other end, then take out the guys who

    come out of the dorr on the upstairs level of the end of the room you just came

    from. After they are dead, leave through the door they entered from and go up

    the stairs. Shoot out the vent and crawl through. You will see Alice on the

    other side of a window, out on the roof, but you can't get there because the

    door is locked. The evac chopper will come in, but it will get shot down by an

    enemy helicopter, and Alice will run for it. The chopper will drop a group of

    enemies on the roof, then shoot some missles in your direction, blowing open

    the locked door. Move out through the doorway that just got destroyed and take

    out one or two of the enemies before they can reach cover. Be wary of enemies

    on the walkway up to the right as you move forward, since one or two guys will

    try to snipe at you from up there. After they are all dead, go up the stairs

    and through the double doors back into the building. Head through the foyer

    and onto a walkway above an elevator lobby, taking out the guys on the other

    side. When you hear an elevator bell ding, look down into the lobby and take

    down the guys that exit the elevator. Head down the stairs to the elevator

    lobby, and eliminate the guys that come out of the second elevator, then exit

    through the door on the other side of the room. Grab the health pack before

    going down the stairs, and grab the other health pack before going through the

    door downstairs. You will see Alice Wade upstairs, but she runs off after she

    sees an aerial unit. Check the offices and nearby rooms for a health booster

    and a phone with a few messages to check out. Then leave the room through an

    access area, and into another office next to a lounge, with a laptop on a small

    table in the middle of the room. After you get the info, head up the stairs

    into a long room with windows on the right. A few aerial units will attack

    from outside, so use SlowMo to take them out easily. Another method is to lure

    them into the hallway, then demolish them with your shotgun up close. Head to

    the other end of the room and out the door. Another aerial unit will attack

    through the window in the next room, so take it out fast. When you near the

    next room, an aerial unit will break through the window, so just wait by the

    door until it reaches you, then destroy it. In the break room, go through the

    broken windo out onto the ledge, then follow it to the small rooftop and go in

    through the door. Grab the health pack, go up the ladder, then jump on the air

    ducts to get to the next roof level. Then go through the door to find yourself

    on the walkway where Alice was earlier. In the confrence room at the end of

    the walkway, another aerial unit will break through the window and attack, so

    dispose of it quickly. Go up the steps and into the next room, where a few

    soldiers will drop down through a skylight. Take down the guys on ground level

    first, then dispose of the guys upstairs. When you walk up the stairs on the

    left, a pair of aerial units will break through the windows and attack, so use

    SlowMo to take them out. When you get upstais, you will hear a radio bulletin

    about the incident, so listen in if you want to. If not, go through the door

    into another of the numerous maintainence/access areas, grab the health pack,

    then go through the other door into the stairwell. As you progress down the

    flights of stairs, watch for the group of enemies heading up. Use the your

    elevation advantage to raind lead on them as they try to make their way up to

    you, using SlowMo if you want to wipe them out even faster. After they are all

    dead, go down to the very bottom and grab the reflex booster before exiting via

    the door on the floor above. Head into the office which belongs to Genevieve

    Aristide, the president of Armacham, and listen to her voic messages. Then go

    down the hall outside until you reach a long hall with shutters on the left and

    a door on the left at the far end. When you go far enough, the shutters will

    snap open, and the guys inside will open fire, as well as a pair of soldiers

    that come around the corner. Take out the guys at the far end of the hall with

    a grenade, then take care of the enemies inside the confrence room using SlowMo

    to pick them off between the shutters. Grab all the goodies in the room, then

    head down the hall until you reach yet another elevator lobby. When you are in

    the middle of the room, the Replicas will turn the lights out, so click on

    SlowMo when they do, and take out the guys that attack. A few guys will often

    take cover in the offices on the other side, so throw a grenade in to flush

    them out into the open. After they are all dead, grab all the health packs and

    ammo in the offices, then flip the power switch in the closet. Grab the armor

    on the couch, then hop on the elevator to go down to the garage. Once you

    arrive on the bottom floor, Alice Wade will tell Betters that she can't wait,

    and will promptly peel out and speed off. Follow her up to level G3 where you

    will encounter a large group of soldiers, probably there for the same reason

    you are. Howver they couldn't catch Mrs. Wade, so they'll settle for trying to

    kill you. Make them regret it. Use SlowMo to pick up as many headshots as

    possible. Because there are so many targets, you'll need to prioritize, rather

    than focusing on one enemy at a time. After they are all dead, grab the medkit

    on the stack of wood and heal yourself for the next battle. When you go up the

    next ramp to level G2, you will be greeted by another welcoming party of troops

    just waiting to kill you. Use SlowMo again, using the same tactics as before.

    Be sure to use grenades if they bunch together. After they are all dead, grab

    all the ammo and armor on this level before proceeding to level G1. When you

    get to the top, there will be two trucks with troops hopping out of them, and

    the one on the left carries a heavy armor. Use SlowMo to take out all of the

    weaklings, then use what's left of it to work on the heavy armor. Use the

    trucks as cover to lure him in close, then devestate him with several blasts

    from your shotgun. After it's dead, head to the other end of the garage and go

    through the door on the left. Go up the stairs and open the door to be greeted

    by... friends? That's right, Holiday and Jin are waiting for you with an evac

    chopper to get you to the secret Armacham facility.

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