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Global Warming is a serious problem in this world. What can we do to bring the world back in better shape?

It's not too late to save the world from it. I've been watching some documentaries on the television recently and it got me concerned. So let's pull together and get rid of this problem.

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    Actually the temperature of the earth has increased less than 7/10 of 1 degree (C) from 1880 to 2005. That is an increase of about 1 degree (F) in 125 years. You may choose to believe that is global warming or you may not. Source: There are numerous charts all over the internet showing the same. Some say that 1 degree is enough to impact the global climate, others say it's not. Most proponents of global warming think the earth's temperature has risen much more than that and don't even know that it has only risen by 1 degree. But the charts do not lie as do the proponents on both sides of this issue. The average temperature in the Antarctica is 109 degrees below zero. Source: It seems to me 108 below (one degree warmer) is still pretty cold and not enough to melt anything. But there are those that say it will.

    Back in the '70s all the hype was about global COOLING and another ice age was coming. I remember that they blamed pollution for that too. They said that all the pollution was darkening the skies and not as much sun was coming through so the earth was cooling off. It took many years to discover that they were mistaken and it was all just hype. Source: So when someone says, "the sky is falling" don't believe everything you hear on either side of the issue. There are Spin Doctors galore out there.

    Most of the time people will form an opinion and not really be informed about the subject with which they become so opinionated about. So it's best that you not form your opinions from other's opinions, (as in this forum) but on the facts presented. (Many do not provide any proof or links to prove their point, just their opinion.) With that said we do have a responsibility to do our part by doing whatever is within your power to keep our planet alive and well.

    I hope that helps...

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    I don't doubt that global warming could be a serious challenge. However, to describe it as a problem is like saying when the sun rises we have a global lighting problem. The possibility of stoping the sun from rising tomorrow is the same.

    The last ice age in geological time just ended a short interval ago and this is just the most recent cycle. The earth has cooled and warmed several times in the past and will no doubt go through cycles in of warming and cooling in the future.

    If it wasn't for global warming we would still be living in the last ice age and there wouldn't be near as many of us. We didn't cause the last ice age to end and it's doubtful we caused the most recent increase in temperature. The best thing to do is to review the information you are getting a little more critically.

    If its the warmest ever right now, how come its still too cold to farm in southern Greenland like the Vikings were doing only 1000 years ago. There are a lot of inconvenient facts that aren't consistent with the story being told by the global warming fanatics.

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    As humans, we have no control. For instance, one single large volcanic eruption will produce more green house gases than humans have or ever will produce. Can we stop volcanos?

    Consider Los Angeles .. an unsolvable pollution problem for over 50 years. Solve that one first and then move on to the rest of the planet.

    Global Warming is a natural planetary cycle of earth. In the 1970's the big rage was "global cooling". Just wait a few years and we will reverse our "gloom and doom" cycle.

    For all you need to know go to:

    National Center for Policy Analysis. Click on global warming.

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    Sure the globe is warming, it has been since the last ice age. The earth is dynamic, always changing. Picking up litter, turning off the water when you brush your teeth (Nickelodeon pushed that a few years ago), come on! All that will do is make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Ya know a suggestion you never hear.... STOP buying organic food. Organic farmers till their fields to control weeds, releasing carbon into the atmosphere. The fact that no one ever brings that one up pretty much sums up what Global Warming is... propaganda. Think of the magic recipe of the infomercial. Create a problem, then solve it! That's what Gore's done with his little show. He's just trying to get you to buy into his agenda, once a politician.... always....

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    There is alot you can do and every little bit helps! Anyone with doubts should watch the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore

    Recycle, use Energy efficient lightbulbs, rechargeable batteries, public transportation if available (or carpool) make one trip somewhere instead of many, turn off lights and things like tvs when your not using them, buy energy-star appliances, plant a tree ( or any other native plants will help), reduce lawn size, keep your tires properly inflated, install a low-flow shower head, wash your clothes in warm or cold water, sign petitions and letters sent to politicians, vote for people who will make a change, join (and/or donate) an environmentalist group (many are free to join! I like WWF, NWF, and NRDC), dont burn a brush pile if you dont have to-they make a great home for wildlife, and much more!

    Together we can make a difference...a huge difference

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    The real question is, why do you? Is it what Al Gore said? He is a proven liar. Is it what James Hansen said? He is a proven liar. Is it what Michael Mann said? He is a proven liar. Why are you so worried about something proven liars are spreading? That shows weak moral character. Your friends and family apparently love you very much, so why throw them under the buss for a bunch of liars? You are an very good example of the psychological damage these low lives are reaping upon the public. This is by design. Quotes by H.L. Mencken, famous columnist: "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed — and hence clamorous to be led to safety — by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." And, "The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it." These people and their ilk should be charged with providing mental cruelty. Furthermore, our government should be protecting us from these false terrors and yet they are participators in it using our tax dollars.

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    If I could afford it, I would build a solar panelled roof on my house, erect a windmill in my yard, and buy a electric hybrid car....cost ~$100,000+. Then I would generate enough clean electricity to run my house, and maybe give some back into the grid. I would drive without polluting the air with combustible gas emissions, like carbon dioxide and other toxic gases. But that is out of my budget range.

    Another solution is, to live without having to drive a gasoline burning vehicle, and without electricity in my house. That would result in me losing my job for not showing up and then my house for not being able to pay the mortgage ... I would never ever generate carbon dioxide gas again...only when I farted.

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    There's a whole bunch of stuff that cause Global Warming and it's really hard to make people change, even a little bit.

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    I thought the best cure for Global Warming was Nuclear Winter. :P

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    If we could just get everybody to open the doors of their refridgerators and freezers,..maybe, just maybe we would be able to cool the Earth off and not die this horrible death that must be just around the corner.

    ps: do not close the doors once opened as this will negate our cooling program!

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