what is a synthesizer?

I've recently noticed that a lot of the music I like uses synthesizers. I read up on how they make sound and all that. But I'm still confused. Is that the same thing as playing the drums or guitar on the keyboard? Or does it make a specific sound and is it it's own instrument? I can hear it in, for example, in "Sweet Dreams (are made of this)." It plays the tune of it.

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    1 decade ago
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    Synthesizer is a word that describes any instrument that creates sound electronically, either through analog oscillators, digital oscillators or samples, etc. Most often they are played from a keyboard.

    The synthesizer can make unique sounds or it can imitate other instruments. Sampling synthesizers can emulate other instruments very well because the sound starts with a good digital recording of an actual instrument.

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    It is a keyboard that can play a lot of different "instruments". When parents get their kids those big keyboards that they soon get annoyed with the sounds it makes, that what it is.

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