What are the different songs played on the DVD "Almost Round 3"?

It's a skateboard video, I've been looking around, but can't find anything. It would be nice if you have both the ARTIST and the NAME of the song.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    this is what I found on http://www.wiskate.com/reviews/display_video_revie...

    Skater: Intro

    Artist: Journey

    Title: Any Way You Want It Download

    Album: Journey: Greatest Hits Download

    Skater: Chris Haslam

    Artist: The Cardigans

    Title: My Favourite Game Download

    Album: iTunes Originals - The Cardigans Download

    Skater: William Patrick

    Artist: Mr. Move It

    Title: Ghetto Whopper

    Skater: Ryan Sheckler

    Artist: The Cure

    Title: Why Can't I Be You Download

    Album: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Download

    Skater: Cooper Wilt

    Artist: Franz Ferdinand

    Title: Come On Home Download

    Album: Franz Ferdinand Download

    Skater: Greg Lutzka

    Artist: Jimi Hendrix

    Title: All Along the Watchtower Download

    Album: Electric Ladyland Download

    Skater: Rodney Mullen 1

    Artist: The Clash

    Title: Train in Vain Download

    Album: London Calling Download

    Skater: Rodney Mullen 2

    Artist: Massive Attack

    Title: Teardrop Download

    Album: Mezzanine Download

    Skater: Daewon Song

    Artist: The Killers

    Title: All These Things That I've Done Download

    Album: Hot Fuss Download

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