wireless network/ free internet?

I have more than one friend who uses a wireless usb device to get free high speed internet. I got a broadband networking wireless usb adapter, so how do I set it up to get internet high speed. Also I do not have the software the device came with. Any knowledge would help thank you

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  • 1 decade ago
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    All u need is a wi-fi card in ur pc , than ceate a connection and if any wireless netword is around u ,it will catch the signals

  • 1 decade ago

    What you're technically doing is stealing. This is a very debatable discussion, on whether it's legal or not to use an unsecured wireless connection. The answer is you're allowed to scan for the network, and determine basic information about it, but the second you connect to the network, you are breaking the law. The reason this is considered unlawful is because you do not have the consent of the network owner. You could also take any information that is on the machines on the network, and that's a privacy invasion.

    As for discussing how to do it, I'm able to help you, but due to the legality of the issue, I cannot.

  • D McC
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    1 decade ago

    what you are wanting to do is steal someone elses bandwidth, that is not only illegal but is also not nice, i could tell you how but i wont

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