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Trouble making nail polish "stick"?

I have always had trouble making nail polish "stick" to my nails. The brand of polish never seems to matter, neither does whether or not I did them myself or at a salon. When I do them myself, I always make sure my nails are clean and dry. I have this problem with acrylic nails too - they always seem to lift very quickly and easily. Does anyone else have this problem? Have you had any success in fixing it? Just last night I put one coat of MAC nail color on, and this morning, after my shower, the tips were flaking like crazy. This always seems to happen. Oh, and topcoats and base coats don't seem to make a difference either. Thank you for any help or input!!!

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    I have the same problem with making nailpolish stay on. I use OPI Top Coat and that seems to work pretty well for me. I put a coat on every day (when I have my nails polished) and it dries it about 2 minutes. This is the only top coat that I have tried that actually works, it a little thicker than the others and a little more pricey but I think it's worth it.

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    Hi..I rough my nails slightly with the fine side of an emery board, use Maybelline Express Finish nail polish, and top coat it with "My Nails are Sealed" -it's a calcium therapy top coat that lasts about 10 days - 2 weeks. Use at least a couple coats over your nail polish! Also try taking calcium pills, for nail strength and growth. CVS carries "My Nails are Sealed". It's great stuff! Good luck! P.S. When polishing your nails, polish the tip edges and a little of the underside of the nail!

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    Use a base coat, 2 coats of coloured polish and a excellent coat. might want to opt for to attempt Sally Hansen puzzling as Nails which could be found at Walgreens or objective. might want to attempt including a sparkling coat of polish another day.

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    1st with a ball of cotton use alcohol or polish remover to rub on the nails than base coat, than nail color, than top coat, the nail polish will stick. try it.

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    i had that problem but the opi top coat works really good or sally hansen products

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    Just try to put them after the shower!!

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    have you roughed up your nail surfaces with an emery board?

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