What is the equilibrium temperature of this system?

A piece of ice of mass 0.0380 kg at an initial temperature of -13.0o is placed in an aluminum cup of mass 0.0300 kg containing 0.100 kg of water at 35.0o C.

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    Dear Rinnie,

    Use the Conservation of Energy Principle.

    Heat Gained = Heat Lost

    On the LHS we have 3 components:

    Heat used to warm Ice from -13C to 0C.

    Latent heat used to Melt the Ice to Water at 0C.

    Heat used to warm water to its final Temperature (T)

    On the RHS we have only two components:

    The Heat Energy lost by the Aluminium cooling from 35C to T.

    The Heat Energy lost by the Water cooling from 35C to T.

    Now write down the equation using all these terms.

    It contains the unknown T on both sides (bs)

    Solve it for T and check that the answer you get is sensible - that is between 0 and 35C. If not - all the ice did not melt and you must reformulate the problem using the above ideas!! OR you did it wrong!

    You need s (or c) for the ice; water and the Aluminium

    and L for melting ice to water at 0C. Look them up in your Text Book if they are not given in the Question

    I hope this is of some help when reading your notes or looking the subject up in a book.


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