What does it mean to be "in the black" or "in the red" when it comes to business?

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    In the black means you are making money,

    In the red means you're losing money.

    Source(s): Old accounting habit to put negative figures in red to catch the reader's eye.
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    In The Red Meaning

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    In The Black Meaning

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    When doing accounting, all of the positive numbers are black, and negative numbers are shown in red, normally with parenthesis are them too. So to be in the black is good, you have a positive cash flow, to be in the red is not good, you are minus money.

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    In the black: Making a profit and staying within budget.

    In the red: Operating over budget projections and often in debt.

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    Making a profit is being in the black, in the red is when you or the company is losing money or not making a profit.

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    In the black means making money, positive cash flow. In the red means losing money, negative cash flow.

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    In the Black = positive money

    In the Red = negative money

    so, you're making money, or losing money...

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    In the black means you are showing a profit. In the red means you are not....negative cash flow.

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