What is wrong with people these days??

right today in the news i heard that a couple of teenage girls after bashing a 7 year old girl and filming it put it in 'youtube website' moreover, a man sexually assaulted a 5 year old boy and that about 17 people died in Iraq

and after that i said how horrible and then i went to have my dinner i realized there is something missing in this world, dont you think?

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    1 decade ago
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    What's missing? Any depth of feeling for another human being is what's missing! It's with extreme sadness that we keep hearing of these horrendous acts being committed all over the world, such as you mentioned. Teenage girls hurting a young girl and they put this on "youtube"? They're criminally insane! They're old enough to know better, and certainly, if they dare to call themselves human beings - they should take a closer look at who they really are. What is the point of this act? To feel powerful, superior, what? Acts like these mirror what is filtering down through our societies to the future of our world, the youth, these teenage girls included. Where, in our modern tech-oriented world, is it shown that intellect, understanding, empathy or compassion are heralded as worthy attributes to possess? Our major media-driven sources of info and entertainment, routinely showcase violence, aggression, destruction, selfishness, greed, jealousy, revenge. Man's most negative traits are the most common theme to the majority of the most successful box-office busting movies. Now we can add acts of terrorism to the list of our accomplishments. The edge is being pushed to the extreme and we're pushing the envelope on a routine basis. No holds barred should be the motto for the 21st century! Damn human intellect and understanding! It takes too long! We're all in a hurry to get nowhere fast, and we're achieving that goal! Who thinks with compassion anymore? Ignorance and stupidity are rampant everywhere, as you mentioned. The constant daily bombings in Iraq and elsewhere throughout the Middle East truly indicate we have stopped being human and humane to one another. Innocent bystanders are caught in the crossfire or in the wrong place at the wrong time. This sickness is spreading like a wild fire to all corners of our globe. When will we come to our senses? Your question, "What is wrong with people these days?" is an extremely serious one. We've become sad in all aspects of our daily lives. It's all take, and no give! Let us hope the good among us can right the wrongs, someday, somehow! Continue to live your life as you would want others to live theirs. We lead by example! Where are the parents of those cruel teenage girls? They are in much need of love and guidance. People with love and understanding in their hearts would not be able to act in such debased, abusive ways. Something is sorely missing in their hearts and in their minds to exhibit such atrocious behavior toward another human being! It is almost beyond comprehension what "jollies" are to be gained??????Wars are obscene too. We still haven't figured that one out either! Killing one another to solve our problems...hmmm.....that's the easy way out! Too hard to use our little under-used brains to learn how to understand and live with one another? We are all very close to cancelling out the human race. And if our brains don't save us soon, we'll all be history!!! The insects are waiting in line to take over! They'll probably do a better job at running the planet than we are now! Come on people, before it's too late! Stop, look, and listen to one another, and really begin to understand!!!! No guns, no violence, just a meeting of minds, till understanding becomes the norm and the way!!!! We need to stop killing one another in the name of God, Allah, Lindsay Lohan or otherwise! You are so right in asking "What is wrong"???????

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    Its sad. The world this day and age is full of savages and cruelty. Everyone is only looking out for themselves...and most people don't care about the rest of the world until their little lives get interrupted. Even worse, most people believe they can't do anything about that...but it isn't true. Every day you have the chance to impact the world. You can do something nice for someone else, you can show them that there are good people still out there. You can care, pay attention, and inform others. That is what is missing in the world...compassion for one another. The sooner we get back to caring about our neighbors, the sooner the world gets better.

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    Look Pal ..

    People are the same .. it is there Nature ..

    just look back in the History .. in near past there is the 2 wars ..

    The human nature keeps going ..

    just we trying to look better nowadays ..

    still there is some humans like you .. and most of us .. believed that there is no bad in world make it more decent or more happy ..

    there is a god .. and all of this to balance ..

    believe me .. if you don't see the bad and ugliness .. you will never appreciate the good things around you and the beautifully stuffs you pass every moment ignoring that there is still alot of good people around you .. and alot of good things you have .. and alot of others are willing to die for it ..

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    YES !!!!!!!!! Common Decency. Parents aren't being parents anymore and children are being desensitized by all the movies, video games, even cartoons that depict violence as nothing.

    Just look at what Trump did w/Miss. USA ! She did drugs, drank, partied hard, skipped planned engagements etc. and he LET HER KEEP HER JOB!!! She should have been fired !! We let people get away w/anything and still hold them up on a pedestal for our children.. ie: athlete's taking drugs (steroids etc.), celebrities being rude, drunk etc. and getting away with it w/a slap on the hand etc. I could go on but it just frustrates me and gets me even more angry. I'm trying to raise my daughter to be good/kind/treat people the way she wants to be treated and to own up to everything she does and it's hard when other adults don't help when she's not in my care. Just my two cents...

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    stress. too many people are stressed out and Americans have anger issues. lol.

    Seriously though, we keep throwing people into Iraq, of course they're going to keep fighting back.

    Americans are driving longer and on crowded roads and spend less precious time with their children to teach them proper values.

    Everyone should take a vacation now and then just to sit back and let it all sink in.

  • jim
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    1 decade ago

    You're right, but, unfortunately, what do you expect? Kids are very impressionable. They see violence every day on TV, on the news, on the internet and especially in the movies. They tend to behave the way they see society behave. Also, there are alot of people who are mentally ill and need help, but they aren't getting any.

  • 1 decade ago

    Rapid, mass communications makes the world seem a crappy place but it really isn't much different than its always been.

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    Corporate punishment......

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