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HEY-- do you know about lazy Red States on the dole?

Here are the facts:

1) 9 of the 10 states that take the most money from the Federal treasury voted for Bush in 2004.

2) Bush carried 16 of the 20 states most heavily subsidized by the Department of Agriculture.

3) John Kerry got the votes from 8 of the 10 states with the biggest net LOSS in Federal tax dollars.

(So much for conservatives being more generous, and Liberals being all about getting Federal handouts!)



"Welcome to the Homeland: A Journey Throught the Rural Heart of America's Conservative Revolution" by Brian Mann.

Now let's see the rightists do a character assassination on the source, rather than deal with the facts.

Stats can be confirmed with official government information.

Update 2:

Hey Rick: Why do you complain about "Welfare Queens" when Corporate Welfare gets far more? And other wastes of Federal dollars? Do you just hate the poor? Black people?

And to hell with Prof. "Albert" (sic) Brooks. His methodology was FLAWED. Conservatives tithe to churches, and that skews the statistics. But giving money to "spread the Gospel" is NOT charity-- it's a political donation.

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    When confronted with the truth Conservatives always say site the source so they can challenge the facts at hand . This is the standard approach when facts make obvious how dependent republicans are on the government .

    Its not just the farm subsidies it is the hundreds of districts with weapons facilities located in them . All the baby killing war mongers get their paycheck from uncle sam .

    If I had no soul then I could gladly accept my paycheck from uncle sam .

    I would prefer to end most military spending .

    Instead focus on making life better .

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    You might want to look at a county-by-county map of who voted for whom. It's easy to claim that New York and California (for example) are losers when it comes to federal dollars, but not so easy when you see which counties therein voted the way they did. Those counties in which capital is actually generated went almost exclusively for Bush. Kerry got the votes of the drains on society, as the Dems normally do. People who contribute to society are mostly Republicans. Welfare queens are almost exclusively Democrats.

    BTW, you mention "generosity". I don't recall the feds asking for my permission to redistribute my wealth, do you? They frown on it if I withold part of my taxes because I do not wish to adopt any lazy lowlifes.

    That being said, when it comes to VOLUNTARY generosity (you know, the kind that actually meets the definition of "generosity" in the first place), conservative people of faith are far and away te most generous. Please read "Who Really Gives: America’s Charity Divide" by Prof. Albert Brooks of Syracuse University. Not so surprisingly, the same people who are so happy to spend other people's money to "help the less fortunate" are not so forthcoming with their own dollars. Liberals are hypocritical, and this is simply more proof thereof.

    EDIT: I don't "hate" anyone. I hate the fact that welfare queens do nothing to help themselves, but continue to suck at the teat of productive Americans. If you ask for my support for programs to allow greater access to post-secondary education, you've got it. If you ask me to support lazy good-for-nothings who refuse to do anything to help their own plight, I will fight it with every ounce of my energy.

    I find it humorous that you automatically attach a racial angle to my comments. The Left trots out the bogeyman of racism everytime someone disagrees with their virtual adoption of the permanent underclass.

    Do you honestly deny that churches and synagogues do more than any other group or institution to alleviate suffering? If so, your willful blindness is stunning.

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    I would like to see the sources of these claims. I don't doubt they are true, but I'm just curious where those stats came from.

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    Well this is not surprising, I would like to see it for myself though.

    You can't blame the red states they are too busy building illegal meth labs and getting married at 17 to work.

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    Nice sources

    Typical for a liberal

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