97 Maxima GLE- HELP Please!!!!!?

97 Maxima V-6 I bought 6 mon ago now check engine light started FLASHING! Car gave 5codes. P0325, P0135, P0141, P0155&P0325again. I know what the Haynes Manual says@each code but what do I DO about them & why ALL of this all of a sudden???? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    Ok first to the codes

    P0325 = Knock Sensor

    P0135 = Front Oxygen sensor heater Bank 1

    P0141 = Rear Oxygen Sensor heater

    P0155 = Front Oxygen Sensor heater Bank 2

    P0325 = Knock sensor

    It records the codes as they come in. .. Knock sensor is probably sending a code as the O2 sensors are not heating and giving false signals to the car, the engine runs rough and trips the knock sensor.

    I find it very very hard to believe that all 3 heated sensors are not working.

    Have you put any kind of gas additive in your tank recently?

    Maybe gotten bad gas?

    I would reset the codes per your Haynes manual. if it does not cover it send me an email and i will send you the steps.

    If the p0135, p0141 and p0155 come back I would say you have a problem between the ECU and the o2 sensors or maybe a bad ECU.

  • Fran
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    4 years ago

    Don't panic. In 1997 the fault programming in Check Engine sequences was crude, so the slightest blip caused a full alert. You may well have a minor electrical ground problem or a bad relay and not a major mechanical problem. A mass airflow senso can also give an alert, although it only makes the car run a tad rich or lean and is not terminal. Find a certified Nissan mechanic, and if he'she says it needs a lot of work, I'd get a second ASE mechanic's opinion. I'll bet real money what you have is not serious... DO get it checked out right away in case I'm wrong!

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    If your light is flashing at you then you are having catalyst damaging misfires. and if the guy above is right about the codes, then you need to replace all of your O2 sensors, and your $$Catalytic Converter(s)$$, And the Knock sensor, which detects engine pings/knocks and helps adjust fuel and air intake charge. The knock sensor usually goes off because you have put the wrong grade fuel in, or changed the fuel, with an additive or something. Then just for good measure I give it a total tune up, by replacing all the fluids, changing the plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel and air filters.

    Source(s): James, from dave's import repair, gassville, arkansas.
  • Chad
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    1 decade ago

    why not take it to the shop and have them fix it

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  • 1 decade ago

    dont worry about its just sensors nothing major .

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