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? asked in 旅遊亞太地區日本 · 1 decade ago

i want to ask 3000-5000US is it enough to go japan

3000-5000US is it enough to go to japan and shopping.... contain the hotel fee air plane fee and luch dinner etc.... cause now i am in US but i am planing when i come back i will go to Japan....and i want to buy some cartoon stuff where can i buy it

P.S you can reply it in chinese


sorry i mean animet stuff not cartoon ...but i want to know which place is good for buy animet...and some clothes... such as fred perry burberry .... but i do not want a big shopping more like a shop...

Update 2:

because last summer i have been to tokyo with my now i love that place already...but unluckly last summer i have not bring enought money to go ....because i do not dicide to buy something .... so this time i really need to crazy shopping ...

Update 3:

and i want to ask if i buy a cell phone (mobie phone) can i buy that in there because i saw that is pretty cheap... and and and whcih hotel is cheap and good.... becasue i go with my friend..i do not want them spend too much money to the hotel...

Update 4:

and i want the hotel's location is near JR or it is a heart of tokyo...i mean is busy place... lot of thing to eat...lot of thing to buy....thankyou for you answer my question

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    Yes I think it will be enough. Last summer I spent about 4000usd for a 7 day trip to japan with hotel and airfares and did a little bit of shopping as well, (well not brand names, just some souvenirs) The cost also covers JR fares, admission fees (if you are visiting places that requires admission fees). If you plan to buy brand names like head porter or blue label, you wont have enough la~~~

    If you want cartoon stuff I think you can go to Ueno or Harajuku or Ginza, they have a 4-5 stories tall toy store and a wide selection. Probably you can get wonderful items that you wont be able to find in the US (maybe you can, but pay a lot in Ebay) Department stores will have a toy section too, but the selection will be smaller. I highly recommend you go to those speciality stores. They will even wrap them up nicely for you too~If you want the store name I can look it up for you.

    If you want action figure, you can visit Akihabara for that.

    (ps. I am at work now so I dont have that book with addresses and opening hours but I can update this thread if you need me to)

    2007-01-20 07:24:01 補充:

    yes I also akiharbara is for toy worms and collectors, but it doesnt hurt to visit kiddyland in harajuku or the toy town in Ginza... by the way I remembered there is a Jenny store next to that toy town, a lot of wonderful jennys are on display~

    2007-01-20 07:25:06 補充:

    and I forgot to mention, maybe you can try snoopytown as well, not sure if you will like it.

    2007-01-20 07:26:39 補充:

    one recommendation for ueno is you can leave it to the finally day and visit the area before you hop on to the express train to narita airport. If you are going back to N.america, I dont think you will be buying fresh produce or fruits, otherwise you can eat them there.

    2007-01-20 07:27:58 補充:

    In Ueno, why not visit the toytown lei.... it's not as big, but it's like the last chance to get your treasures if you miss the chance earlier on. (I especially love their Ball Joint Dolls~~~)

    2007-01-20 07:29:27 補充:

    Finally if you need the specific information and location I have a book I used for my travel and I can e-mail you the scanned pages if you like, so just PM me, I am happy to help~

    2007-01-22 21:53:05 補充:

    The toy store name in Ueno is Yamashiroya, and it has floors

    2007-01-22 21:54:33 補充:

    I have been to a burberry store. You can go to Ginza and they have a blue label collection in the basement. But personally I like the burberry store in Odaiba Venus fort... a lot of styles to choice from~

    2007-01-22 21:56:08 補充:

    I dont think they will sell a phone to you unless you can provide a residential address in Japan. So even it's cheap you cant get it. The ones you can get are those prepaid ones for foreigners which arent that good looking at all.

    2007-01-22 21:57:44 補充:

    If you want cheap accomodations, will you consider 民宿?? They are cheaper but not as much facilities as in hotels. I think ikebukuro's hotel are cheaper than shinjuku. last time I stayed in Hotel Theatre.

    2007-01-22 21:59:31 補充:

    Hotel Theatre is great because it's only 5 minutes from ikebukuro's JR and there are plently of fast food or restuarants nearby... and drugstore if you want to buy cheap japanese brand comestics. hope this all helps la~

    Source(s): myself, my past travelling experience in Japan
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  • 1 decade ago

    I think it should be enough, but it depends on what you buy and eat... The price of toys are amazing in comparing to North America and ebay. I've spend about $600USD just on toys, got 3 case full and a couple of limited items, yet I still regret that I've pass on some of the "good stuff"~! ToT

    If you're a hobby worm like me, go to Akihabara (秋葉原). Toy stores are actually everywhere and many of them are something like 6~7/F tall (Stairs/Elevator is usually at the back so it's can be easily missed~!) You'll find everything there... oh, prices do varies, so do some research b4 you buy.

    Ueno (上野) toy town is overrated. Yes, they got many items but prices are high.... as I said you can find everything in Akihabara...

    Ginza toy town is right next to burberry... nothing special, full list of items but price is still no match for Akihabara... But I did find one limited edition item there~!! Oh well...

    Surprisingly, the Toy'r'us located in Sunshine City of Ikebukuro (池袋) is kinda cheap?! I dunno if they're on discount or what but some of the stuff are even cheaper than Akihabara when I was there~!!

    Kiddy land in Harajuku (原宿) is about the same as the other toytown in Ueno & Ginza...

    Someone told me 中野 is even better than 秋葉原, I didn't go, you can have a try there...

    2007-01-23 00:13:38 補充:

    Burberry: can try Ginza Store, Odaiba Venus fort and also Shibuya.... I don't really suggest Ginza, too many people there. Also, the other 2 stores got more choices. If I remember right, there's also one in Harajuku, but that one is black label.

    2007-01-23 00:14:09 補充:

    Anime stuff. Try Kotobukiya's new store, on the 1st floor of "Radio Kaikan," just a few steps outside the JR Akihabara station's Electric Town entrance. FYI, Kaiyodo is on the 4/F and Volks is on the 8/F.

    2007-01-23 00:14:36 補充:

    As I said, Akihabara is for worms... you know how good stores located on diff floors which you have to walk on some old stairs located on the sides or at the back? I don't really suggest it if you're not looking for "treasures"...

    2007-01-23 00:16:54 補充:

    I lived in Shinjuku last time but I don't like it. The place is filled with Karaoke, bars, strip clubs... too many people hanging around on the street. My friend told me Ikebukuro is better so I may try that next time...

    Source(s): I was just there in x'mas 06... I'm from Toronto.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Absolutely Enough !!!!!!!!



    還有,要視乎你想去日本的那一地區. BUT一定夠.


    亦會有一些cartoon主題商店,base on你想要找的是那一套cartoon.

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