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? asked in 旅遊亞太地區日本 · 1 decade ago



係日本個d 專門店係唔係平d?

同埋呢~係唔係 舊d ge款都有得賣?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes they are cheaper than the 水貨店 in HK... I think 20-30% cheaper la. And remember to buy from the original Head Porter store or department stores wor... dont get it from street side stores as they maybe fakes!

    there is a chance they may have older styles, but it's hard to say because they run out of stock all the time. If you are lucky you maybe able to buy it when you are there.

    PS if you get from department stores you may not be able to get the lastest model but if you purchase over 10001yen in a department store you will get tax refund. you cannot do tax refund in head porter store.

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    如果你係日本買porter, 一定會平過香港,大約 七折 - 七五折左右~

    而日本呢~ 不論係專門台買,一話係d百貨公司買, 佢地o既價錢係一樣o既~~

    不過有d款呢間有,另一間又無~~ 所以見到o岩o既款就買喇~因為第二間可能無~!!

    舊d ge款都可能會有~~!

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