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Is there a good networking site where I can meet local networkers who are actively looking for opportunities?

I am looking to inform mainly local networkers within the state of Texas about the deregulation of the largest commodity to ever deregulate in the history of deregualtions. A 400 billion nationwide market and a 24 billion market in Texas alone. This is bigger than the deregulation of telecom and bigger than when the airlines deregulated. If you are tired of potions and lotions look at something that everyone has to have, electricity!!! Yes it is an MLM, so if you have stigma then turn the other cheek. If you want answers then educate yourself on the industry first ( Read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyawsaki). Do you think we could do something when the average residential electric bill in Texas is $250 a month? If we can save consumers up to 20 % on their electricity and offer them free travel just for paying their bill? If you think so contact me. To learn more go to then contact me with questions

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    Wait... "the Net and Network Marketing"?? Catch-22??

    Those two should go together, hand-in-glove. And yet, Network Marketers have struggled to realize the near-infinite networking, lead-generating potential of the Web.

    How can that be?

    Network Marketing (sometimes called "Multi-Level Marketing" or "MLM" or “Two Level Affiliate”) is all about...

    * recruiting/lead generation/relationship-building

    * sales conversion

    * ongoing consumption

    * replicating yourself through downline motivation and training.

    How in the world could the Internet not be the best thing since sliced bread for Network Marketers? Because it's being done, all wrong, by all the wrong people.

    There's no need to push (i.e., chase cold calls/prospects) when you can motivate potential customers and business-builders to pull (i.e., they want to call you to learn more).

    Here's how to Put The Net Back Into NETwork Marketing

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