Hugo Chavez' Citgo Oil is offering Americans free or discounted heating oil right here in the United States! I just a commercial for it on T.V.

Amazing that Bush, the President of the United States and Pat Robertson, leader of the Christian Right, have torn poor Chavez to shreds, yet what are either of them doing to help poorer Americans and the elderly with heating oil bills?

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    Chavez is the enemy of this country. So what if he is trying to buy sympathy.

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    Yes I did see it!

    We are instructed to hate all the enemy's of Bush, but What are we taught about the "GOOD" People of the world? They give to the poor, they have compassion for others, they believe in the Holy Father, and they have a conscience! I Love Hugo!

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    I agree with Hugo Chavez generous donations of oil to the poorest of Americans. However, I do not agree with Hugo Chavez persuing anti American policies with the eventual plan to shift their oil exports from us to China. I also do not like Hugo associating with Iran.

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    Hugo Chavez is showing Bush doesn't care about the American people. Slamming Hugo Chavez for this only makes it more obvious that Bush doesn't care about the American people.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Eh? I'm not Bush nor Robertson's biggest fan by any means but what are you talking about?

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    Somehow the gesture will get turned around and become some sort of evil conspiracy....

    Wait until Faux news spins it....

    Never fails...

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