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When did R Kelly become famous?

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    R. Kelly first became famous in the early 90's

    He used to be in a R&B group called Public Announcement. He left the group (they stayed together) and made solo albums. He became really popular when he released the song "bump-n-grind" That song was on a cd called 12-play (which is a classic)

    His short marriage to Aaliyah (which he doesn't talk about) brougth more attention to him.

    He got mainstream fame when he did "I believe I can Fly" He won some grammy's from it (more than one, but im not sure how many)

    He did a song with Celine Deion and bunch of other rap/hip hop artists, he stilll does to this day (01.18.07) He also writes songs for other artists too.

    If you hadn't heard of R. Kelly by the early 2000s, then you probably did, when the infamous "tape" began circulating, or alteast by the time dave chapelle did his R. Kelly skit. (by the way, u should check that skit out...its hilarious!)

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    when he pissed all over someone

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