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Fantasy Baseball...who do i keep?

I have Hafner, Crawford, Atkins, Peavy and Zambrano and i can only keep 4 of them. We have a 27 inning minimum per week, so I think i need to keep 2 pitchers. Any suggestions?

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    Hafner, Crawford and Zambrano will all be first or second round picks this year (and for good reason barring injury). Therefore, it comes down to Atkins or Peavy for the remaining spot. Peavy is really the questionable one here. Atkins is a solid player at 3B (although not quite in the league with the first three) and 3B can be hard to fill. Peavy was a top five pitcher a couple years ago, but not quite so hot last year. If I am using one of my "keeper" spots, I want a solid player, not a maybe.

    If your league has some strange settings like limiting trades/ adds/ drops, then you may need to take Peavy. However, barring something like this, I'd risk him.

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    If I were you I would keep Hafner, Atkins, Peavy, and Zambrano. Then in the first round or possibly the second round grab Crawford or someone of his caliber. That's just my idea. Hafner is a must Atkins is up and coming also its hard to find a solid 3B and Peavy and Zambrano will keep you in most pitching categories every week.

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    You have to keep Crawford, hafner and Zambrano. It comes down to Atkins and Peavy and there are good reasons to keep both but the best way to figure out which will be better for you will be to evaluate the draft and decide which position will be deeper and make you cut accordingly. 3rd base is usually weaker after the top 5 or 6 so keep that in mind. Pitching is fairly easy to get pretty deep in drafts and also easier to find a serviceable SP to spot start and cut so unless there will be depth available at 3rd then personally i would drop Peavy (health has been an issue with him also, many scouts think his arm angle leaves him more suspectable to additional arm problems).

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    You got speed from Crawford, Power from Hafner, ERA and K's from Peavy, and decent K's from Zambrano(as long as your talking about the pitcher- lol)!!!

    Definately get rid of Atkins- you don't need him. Good Luck!

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    In this order Hafner, Crawford, Zambrano, Peavy.

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    You have to keep Hafner and Crawford, those 2 are a given. After that, its really a toss up, I would go with Peavy and Zambrano.

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    Keep Hafner for the homers and the rbi's, Crawford for the stolen bases and average (he even had a few homers last year), Atkins because he is a great average hitter and hits for power, Keep Zambrano because the Cubs have added Soriano and some other key offensive players and he will increase his win total. You can find a pitcher to replace Peavy!!

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    That's a tough one to swallow. If I had to pick four, I would go with Travis Hafner, Carl Crawford, Jake Peavy, and Carlos Zambrano. Here's my reason why:

    -Hafner: He an underrated DH that could crush balls within his power and a lineup that already features Grady Sizemore and Victor Martinez helps Hafner numbers in a positive way.

    -Crawford: He a rare five tool player on a bad team. Put him anywhere in the lineup and he still produce numbers (HR, SB, Runs, Avg.). To go along with Delmont Young and Jorge Cantu, Crawford could look for more runs in the future.

    -Peavy: Sure he had an off-year to go along with his troubles with the law, but this is the same Jake Peavy that either finish first in ERA or Strikeouts back-to-back and playing half of his game in a pitcher park help Peavy bounce back from an awful campaign.

    -Zambrano: I worry about this kid because of his workload (200+ innings for 3 consecutive seasons) and the money he's going to get after his arbitration case (could go up to $10 million plus). Mark Prior and Kerry Wood has been injured due to too much workload early in their career, so there's every reason why to avoid Zambrano. However, unless he breaks down at some point this season, I keep him as trade bait to go for a younger pitcher (possibly for Homer Bailey, Philip Hughes, or a major-league pitcher/batter equaling the value of Zambrano).

    The reason I didn't choose Atkins is because I believe in the Colorado "thin-air" theory, in which the ball travels faster out of the park than it should be by the high winds. Also, the ballpark he plays in half the time has a shorter outfield range, meaning that an average out in any other ballpark translate to HR in Coors Field. History has shown that players that hit their peak tends to go down afterward (Dante Bichette, Larry Walker, Todd Helton, Vinny Castilla (albeit he ressurected in his second stint with Colorado)). Atkins, along with Matt Holliday, has a few more good years ahead for both of them, but their numbers are about to go down at some point. Feel free to keep Atkins and if you do, I trade him now.

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    keep Zambrano and Crawford. cause Peavy is to inconsistant

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