My 3 year old and chronic constipation?

My son is 3 and has chronic constipation. He goes to the doctor and they put him on medication to clean him out but then he becomes constipated again. We don't know what to do. We put him on the potty after dinner and he sits for 30 min but will not do anything. If anyone has any ideas about what we can try I would really appreciate it.

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    Maybe he doesn't need to go right after dinner.

    Anyway, to help him see if he will eat any of the following:

    Raisins (Yogurt covered are OK too) Kids usually like the little boxes.

    Green Beans - Let him eat them with his fingers if he wants too.

    Pistachios - Less than 10 because they are really strong for some people and you have to watch him to make sure he chews.

    Apple Juice

    Cran/Grape Juice

    Try to avoid processed food and foods that bulk alot like rice and pasta for now. Definitely avoid cheese until you've got everything back in working order.

    I think most people have a BM in the morning so maybe that is the time to get him on the potty but unfortunately if you are in the process of potty training then you should be aware that some children do hold back if they aren't ready to potty train and if that is the case then you may have to wait a few months and try again.

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    My 11-year-old step-son used to have this problem at that age too. Now that we look back on it, we think it had a lot to do with potty training. He hated the feeling of #2 and didn't like the fact that we wanted him to wipe himself, so he would hold it so long it would make him constipated. It was such a terrible cycle. The doc suggested that he was frustrated because we have a blended family (his mother and father were never married, but married other people.) and may have been feeling anxious about it or not having any control over what he wanted to do, so he controlled one of the few things he could: bathroom time. We finally had to get into the habit of telling him every hour or so to go to the bathroom. We didn't even ask if he needed to. He grew out of it eventually, but it was such a tough time. Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ask your doctor about a prescription for Glycolax. Our daughter has this problem since she was 2 (she is now 4) and it worked like a charm. It is an ultra mild laxative that helps pass things thru a bit easier. It won't hurt him, doesn't effect his nutrition and has no taste. We put it in her milk every morning.

    A lot of folks believe adding more fiber will help but fiber actually slows digestion down and in a small child with constipation, this may hurt instead of help. As he matures, you will likely be able to wean him off it. If he is potty training, the last thing you want is for him to have negative associations and hold back...which will make it hurt even more.

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    Best Constipation Cures

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    My little boy is 2 1/2 and we have been going through this for a few months now. I think it started when we were trying to potty train and he pooped in the floor. After that he started holding it. He would go very little balls at a time and then he would get a very bad rash. So then he would hold it cause his bottom hurt. The doctor told me to make sure he gets plenty of fruit, veggies and water. Then he gave me a powder called Polyethylene Glycol and told me to give it to him 2 times a day until he started going then go to once a day for a few months to keep him regular. He said that after a while I could give it to him every other day until he can go normally on his own again. I have to judge by his BM as to how often I give it to him. So far it is working well. I hope that you all get relief soon. I have been there and it is not fun.

    Source(s): Going through it with my 2 1/2 year old boy now.
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    My husband and I go through phases with our 4 year old some times his movements are regular, but many they are very hard. We started giving him ground up flax seed, only 1 tsp every other day. It does work, you will notice a subtle difference in his movements. If they start to become loose, cut it back to once every three days. You can buy it in most grocery stores as the whole seed, and use a food processor to grind it up. I would also look in your natural food stores, they may have it already ground or if whole they may be able to grind it for you. Please check with your pediatrician before you do this, it is always wise to check with your health care professional before starting anything new.

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    Have you found any food that will help him , such as prune juice or apple juice? If not then it seems like the doc could put him on some stool softener product. There are several on the market but I am not sure about children and usage - ask your peditrician.

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  • he needs a lower G.I. done to make sure there is no blockage, he may have IBS. or something like that.

    I was always constipated when i was younger....ALL THE TIME

    i had every test done to me when i was 6 and they found nothing!

    I would just HOLD IT, i never had the "feeling" to go.... so i didnt.

    Its something i grew out of, but rarely like once a year i will get constipated. and im 22 now.....

    Good luck

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  • Anonymous
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    You need to give him more fiber and more water. He needs at least 15 g a day of fiber. You can probably use fiber supplements like Benefiber or fiber chewables, but check w/ your pediatritian just to make sure. Also give him water instead of juice.

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