Can I invest in USAA? (buy stock in the company)?

I can't find the USAA ticker and I assume it is not publicly traded. Does anyone know who owns them or how to buy some of their company? If anyone is going to do well, it is USAA.

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    USAA is a mutual company (one owned by its customers). Other mutual companies include Amica Insurance and Northwestern Insurance. They don't have stock outstanding at this point. Many former mutual companies have elected to become public companies by issuing stock, and normally, the customers are given the opportunity to invest in the newly issued stock, often at an attractive price. (Don't confuse these "mutual companies" with "mutual funds." The two aren't related at all.)

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    You cannot buy market stock in USAA. You become a shareholder of sorts by purchasing insurance with the company. Each year dividends are returned to insurance customers.

    USAA does have an Investment Management Company and manages its own funds in both Brokerage and Mutual Funds. Though this is not related to your question, it could be something to look at. Currently they are offering trades as low as 5.95 with certain specifications. They are often awarded by J.D. Power and Associates but don't get public write ups because it's a private company.

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    USAA is not a publicly traded company.

    I am a member and all I have to say is that the company and its products/services are outstanding. I wish some of my relatives could sign up, but they don't meet the eligibility requirements.

    I did find an outside answers website with some pretty comprehensive information about USAA.

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