Can you sleep on your stomach when pregnant?

I am 5 months and am most comfortable when sleeping on my stomach. Is this safe?? Has anyone gotten any advice about this from their doctor?

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    My doctor and every book I have read say its perfectly safe right up into the 9th month. It will feel like you're sleeping on a big ball, but its okay. The baby is well protected by the amniotic fluid that surrounds him/her so don't worry about the baby. In a few weeks, when your belly is sticking out a little more and sleeping on your stomach is no longer comfortable, get a pillow and put it under on leg so that you're kinda on your stomach and kinda on your side.

    Laying flat on your back after the 15th week I believe is what they tell you not to do.

    When I lived in Miami, I would go to the beach, dig a hole in the sand and lay on my stomach with my belly in the hole to nap. That was how much I needed to sleep on my stomach. Good luck. :)

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    Ask your own doctor about it (every doctor has different opinions) and then go from there.

    The only concern would be your back, although it's comfortable it's not recommended for anyone at any time. Rarely does anyone sleep face down with their back straight, something is up or down (arms, legs), neck is turned and the weight of the baby may weaken your back muscles causing the back to misalign (especially sleeping on stomach). Your best bet would be on your side (pillow between the legs), or on the back.

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    Hi! As an RN let me assure you that there is nothing wrong with sleeping on your stomach while you are pregnant. Dont worry, you wont hurt the baby!! Later in your pregnancy, it may not be comfortable to sleep on your stomach, so enjoy sleeping on your tummy while you can. The main thing to remember is whatever you find comfortable and relaxing, so will your baby. Best wishes to you and your baby!! Fred, RN

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    Many years ago when I was pregnant I found sleeping on my side was best for me. If I slept in other positions I'd end up with heartburn that acid reflux....Everything went fine I didn't have problems. You are blessed to become a Mom it's the best honor in the world.

    Best wishes to you and your baby as your life is going to change big time and you'll be the happiest ever! God bless you and keep you healthy and strong!

    Mama Jazzy Geri

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    Can you sleep on your stomach when pregnant?

    I am 5 months and am most comfortable when sleeping on my stomach. Is this safe?? Has anyone gotten any advice about this from their doctor?

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    I slept on my stomach till my stomach was too big to sleep on my stomach and be comfy. As I started getting bigger though the doctor told me to lay on my left side as much as possible because that would help the blood flow better or something. Also my second baby was somehow cutting the flow of my kidney on my right side so they said if laid on my left side it would help take the pressure off of whatever that part is that empties the kidney to the bladder. It worked for that cause my kidney quit hurting from being too full.

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    As long as you are not uncomfortable it's fine. Most women don't sleep on their stomach while pregnant because it's uncomfortable once their belly starts to grow but other than that it's fine.

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    Try using a body pillow. That will take some of the pressure off your belly and you should be able to sleep "almost" on your stomach (kind of half on your side/half on your stomach) without a problem. I used them throughout all 3 of my pregnancies and still use them.

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    No its not safe and my doctor recommended to me that I sleep on my sides because then you dont limit room for baby to move and sleeping on your back can limit blood and fluid flow so they always told me to lay on the left side perferably since blood pumps down the right side and returns up the left if i remember correctly and besides the further along you get you wont be able to sleep on your belly unless you cut a big hole in your matress but laying on your sides helps reduce swelling, so bring it up at your next appt or call and speak with a nurse at your OB's office.

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