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How can I show my 18 &20 year old girl there nice guy's out there ?

My girl's seem to find guy's who use them.how do I get them to open there eye's to the guy's that are no good?MY girl's won't to wait to have sex so the cheast on them. and only call when thay need a good girl.

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    they are going for the good looking guys. these guys know that they are sought after and so they never make an emotional connection to any of the women they date, have sex with and use in every way they can before finally moving on to the next target. th these guys women are numbers and the contest is to have the highest total. They will never settle down and no woman is going to change them. Not for a while anyway.

    they need to see the goodness in the nice guy. He isn't so hot but he opens doors, he's polite, he gets along with their parents and can't wait to show her how much he appreciates her dating him. Hew wish is his command. He may be a nerd or a geek which means he might be able to earn a living later in life.

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    Unfortunatly, you can not MAKE your daughters like or go for nice guys. You need to evaluate how much you are a part of their lives. If you have the ability, take them to places where 'nice guys' tend to be. You also need to define what a 'nice guy' is. Is it only someone that won't use them? Going to events (or even giving them tickets to events) that could present an alternative pool of possibilities could help them see that not all guys are users. Also, it might show them that the guys they have dated ARE users. To show them, you have to be an active role, not a dominating voice. Teenagers and young adults tend to rebell against the 'adult power'. You also need to place a definition on what the good guy is. This way, there is no confusion if your girls actually listen to you.

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    why don't you take those guys by the shirt and throw them away from a 10th floor? That will teach them not to mess with daddy's little girls.

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    well if there 18 and 20 they wont listen they are just going to have who they want to have so you mighs well just leave them alone

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    have you ever met a nice guy and is interesting?? they don't exist, just like dinosaur and UFO; so getting your daughter to be interested in 'nice guy' will be like getting them off crack cocaine, it's impossible.

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    find a nice guy and put him in front of them and say "heres a nice guy!"

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    i'll take your daughters... :D

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