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Tell Me What These Mean?





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Anyone else wants to give a try????

Update 2:

I have over almost 4 hours until I can pick the best answer, so no one else wants to try?

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I would love to pick my best answer, but I still have 3 HOURS until I'm allowed to.

Update 4:

Anyone else wants to give it a try?

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    VFR = Visual Flight Rules

    MVFR = Minimal or Marginal Visual Flight Rules

    IFR = Instrument Flight Rules

    LIFR = Low Instrument Flight Rules

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    Excellent question. These are the abbreviations for different flight rules. For example, VFR, means Visual Flight Rules. Some pilots are only licensed to fly under conditions where their visibility is unrestricted and they can essentially see the ground at all times. Some pilots on the other hand are licensed to use instruments to fly, instruments which indicate whether the aircraft is flying straight and level or not. These pilots fly under Instrument Flight Rules or IFR. I am not familiar though with MVFR or LIFR. I might guess that LIFR would refer to limited IFR but I have never heard of such a thing.

    Source(s): I am a meteorologist who taught Air Force pilots their weather courses during pilot training.
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