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How to make a medical marijuana plant produce more THC?

I'm in California and it's legal for me.

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    The strain definitely makes a difference like the above answer said but CO2 is extremely important...more crystal formation with higher concentrations of gaseous carbon dioxide...CO2. If your greenhouse is contained there are several ways you can increase the CO2 including CO2 canisters and even dry ice. Do some research on the internet there is a lot of material out there on home growing. You may also consider joining a message board like (link below) where you can discuss your project and any questions that might come along with growers of all types. However, drying and curing the buds does not really effect the THC content very much (maybe a little). It does more to reduce water content and create better tasting smoke. Check it some research. There's a lot to know and always something to learn.

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    Get some quality seeds of a good strain.

    I would recommend C99, white widow, juicy fruit, and the like.

    Do your research and read up on forums about growing.

    To get more THC crystals to form, you need to cure properly. After you have your plants ready to harvest, hang them upsidedown till they are dry (i.e. you can snap the branch instead of it just bending). This will allow the THC crystals to form.

    After this you 'cure' the bud by placing it in an air tight container - opening every other day for about 15-20min to air out - and closing again. Do this for 3-4 weeks to allow your bud to fully cure. If you dry/cure right with good quality strain of bud, you will be most pleased.

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  • 3 years ago

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