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Fav. song from IL Divo?

What's your favorite song from IL Divo?

Mine is "I believe in you."


Oh come on. I just like their voices!

We need more of them today

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    I absolutely am in love with IL Divo. lol. love every single song,, especially pour que tu m'aimes encore,, it's so romantic. oh! and hasta mi final too! i'm learning more spanish each time i listen to them haha.

    oh! did you listen to their new cd, siempre yet? it's good,, but i love ancora better. this cd has more italian songs.. and like latino dancy style songs. La vida sin amor is my favorite in that cd.

    il divo's just amazing,, love their voices,, + they're cute. lol

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    The Rose definitely. Or 'The Time Of Our Lives' only cos im a soccer freak :P

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    They have a really good control over their voice, especially when their voice vibratos. I have a couple of their songs hidden in my ipod somewhere.

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    I like their music, but they sort of annoy me, because that group wouldn't even exist if the guys weren't pretty.

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    you have got to be kidding me!


    Srry i'm so mean.

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