when talking about proof loading what does E80 mean?

I work for a company that makes sewer plates and manholes and i have a job for long island railroad and they need an E80 load proof casting. im not sure what measurments it is.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Cooper E80 simulates the live load from a train, usually on a bridge. It is a series of point loads (simulating locomotive wheels) followed by uniform distibuted load.

    The original Cooper loading was an E10 - the E80 is 8 times as heavy as the original E10, and is commonly used to design mainline tracks that carry modern heavy locomotives, although some new bridges are being designed with E90 or E95 loadings.

    The general idea is that an E80 rated structure will carry a railcar or locomotive at 80,000 lb per axle loading, although this is somewhat simplified and should not be used for hard engineering. Consult an experienced engineer qualified to perform this kind of work in your locale if you need hard calcualtions.

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