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Getting linux to access the network?

I would like to use my Knoppix Live CD Linux distro at school, but it won't detect the Internet connection through the school's network. It can see other computers on the LAN just fine; it just can't get on the Internet. I think it may have a problem to do with security, (our school uses Novell to manage network account access). For the record I'm going to point out that I do have permission to use the school's Internet access; I'm not doing anything shifty. It's just I don't think Linux realizes that.

So, any ideas?

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    Most likely you are using proxy servers to access internet. Get the same from a windows system. it will be present in i-explorer->tools->network connections -> proxy address.

    get the address as wel as port. You will be asket to provide username and password also if your network is using authentication. enter these information in web browser of knoppix also. try this, its going to be very easy!

    if thats not workrd, you need to find out how computernames and their ip address are assigned in your network. You can access other computers so i think it is configured correctly but still, if u are not using dhcp, get the gateway and dns address from a windows system and assign the same in your knoppix.

    You can get these info from "control pannel->network connection-><b>your connection</b>->right click to properties->tcp/ip->right click to properties

    best of luck

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    Theproblem isnt Linux it s windo$e that is blocking your access.

    Only your DBA wil be able to fix this

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    Yes, if you have permission go talk to the IT department and ask them to help you.

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