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去外國- 獎學金




partially定係fully? 要幾時/點樣申請?




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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have 2 friends who got the Chartered bank scholarship and studied in Harvard. From what I understand from them, the scholarship pays for their room/board plus tuition plus one round trip ticket to HK per year all for their 4 years of undergraduate studies. The only catch is upon graduation they have to come back to HK and work in HK... but it's exceptional if you decided to go on to masters... which both of them are doing now, and going on with phd.

    I remembered the school nominated them for the scholarships. I bet they have impressive recommendation letters (as they are both top students) so if you apply on your own you would need to find teavher that will support you la~

    good luck aR~

    2007-01-24 05:12:37 補充:

    yes they got the scholarships before receiving the acceptance letter

    Source(s): my friends
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