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the duties of senior official of the HKSAR government

the duties of senior official of the HKSAR government

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    SCS welcomes Hangzhou Municipal Government secondees

    The Secretary for the Civil Service, Mr Joseph W P Wong, this morning (May 24) welcomed the Hangzhou Municipal Government's Executive Vice-Mayor, Mr Sheng Jifang, who is leading a delegation of Hangzhou civil servants under the Hong Kong and Hangzhou Staff Exchange Programme.

    Mr Wong said he was pleased that a staff exchange programme can be launched with the Hangzhou Municipal Government.

    "Since reunification, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's (HKSAR) integration with the Mainland has been strengthened and both places have seen more vigorous development."

    He said: "Apart from demonstrating their professionalism in their duties, HKSAR civil servants are expected to optimise the opportunities to enhance the interflow and co-operation between the Mainland and HKSAR.

    "With the concerted efforts of both sides, the first exchange programme involving 11 departments and eight public officers of both sides is launched out today."

    During the meeting, Mr Wong briefed the delegation on the structure of the HKSAR Government and he updated Mr Sheng on the training and development opportunities of civil servants in Hong Kong.

    Led by Mr Sheng, the visiting delegation comprises five professional officers from the Hangzhou Municipal Labour and Social Security Bureau, Urban Management Office, Education Bureau, Planning Bureau and Health Bureau.

    These officers will be attached to the Social Welfare Department, Labour Department, Highways Department, Education and Manpower Bureau, Planning Department and Department of Health for three months under the exchange programme.

    Three Hong Kong civil servants will be attached to the workplaces of their counterparts in the Mainland in this July.

    When Mr Wong signed an agreement with the Hangzhou Municipal Government in January this year, Hangzhou became the third city after Shanghai and Beijing to have a staff exchange programme with HKSAR Government.

    Under the agreement, five middle to senior ranking civil servants from each side may be attached to the government of the other side for three to six months each year from 2004 to 2006.

    The objectives of the exchange are to widen exposure, share experience and expertise on professional management and foster partnership and communication between both parties.

    Areas of exchange in 2004 will include urban development, labour, health and education.


    Left : Mr Wong presented a souvenir to Mr Sheng Jifang.

    Below : Mr Wong, and Permanent Secretary for the Civil Service, Mrs Rebecca Lai, had a group photo with Mr Sheng and the delegation of Hangzhou civil servants.


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