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I bought Kodax Tmas RS as the developer but I have the following questions:

1. For the stock dilution, do I need to mix all Part A and Part B solution together along with water in 1:4 ratio, i s that right?

2. The used 1:9 solution can be reused?

3. Is it better that I only dilute the solution to 1:4 and to 1:9 while I use them? (in other word, I store the mixture of Part A and B as stock instead - this may slower the solution from decaying.)

Any advice is highly appreciated!

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    1. You may mix the whole set of concentrate solution at once for easier handling, or mix them by the correct proportion; but yes, it should be in 1:4 ratio at all times.

    2. I don't know about this " 1:9 " ratio. May I know where did you get that from?

    But the diluted used solution can be used again. The Kokak T-Max RS is formulated to be " self-replenishing ". This means that after you mix a one-gallon supply of T-Max RS, you can divide it into two half-gallon bottles. The first bottle is your working solution, and the second bottle can be used to replenish the first without changing the dilution. Kodak recommends replenishing at a rate of 1-1/2 ounces (45 ml.) per 135-36 or 120 roll or 8 x 10-inch sheet (or equivalent) processed. This system is easy to use and has the advantage of making it impossible to over-replenish. When the second half is used up, you can assume that the developer is exhausted and ready to be replaced.

    3. For the storage, you can store working-strength solution (1:4) in a full, tightly closed bottle for six months, in a half-filled bottle for two months (because more air in the bottle), or in a covered tank for one month. You can store the concentrate (undiluted solution) for up to two years.

    Hope this information can help.

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    Please also refer to:

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    Hi Ben,

    Do you mean 6 x 4.5 but still in 120 roll? Or do you mean 6 x 4.5 in sheet form? According to my limited knowledge, I think you can still use the 1:4 ratio for all sizes of film, but just the replenishment would be calculated differently. ...

    Source(s): I worked in photo labs before.
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