Does God Cry?

I've always wondered if He shed tears over us --- I came across this poem and thought fellow believers in God would like it's meaning.

A little girl once asked, "Mommy, does God cry?"

"Don't be silly, God can't cry baby," her mother replied.

"But what about when He looks down from Heaven above and sees all the people who needs His love? And what about when He looks down and sees the playground kids fall and scrape their knees? Or how about Aunt Jane who can't have baby girls or boys? Or what about the poor kids who get no Christmas toys? Maybe God would cry if He lived with my friend whose daddy beats and bruises him and his mommy. Or maybe if He looked down and saw people being killed, think He'd surely have eyes that are tear filled. Or what about when he looks down and sees so many people lost and sad? But I think most of all, what would have made God cry, is when He looked down at the cross and watched His baby die."


I can't even begin to imagine the sadness God feels when He sees those who are hurting.

"Vengeance is mine.." Sayeth the Lord

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    Hmmmm. I've never thought of that. You know, I bet he does. He wants us to do good in life, after all he created us. I bet it makes him sad to see some of us so evil. He went through all the trouble to put us on earth and to see us mock him must make him sad.

    Miss D, God is a person. He's an immortal human being and we are all created in his image. That means that he's a human with real human emotions. The only difference is that he is perfect and he can't die.

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    Genesis 6:6 says that God felt "Hurt at his heart" when he observed that mankind had become so wicked before the flood of Noahs day. Psalms 78:40-41 says that when the Isrealites rebeled in the wilderness he felt hurt and pained. Jesus, who was a perfect representation of his father, wept over the coming destruction of Jerusalem (Luke 19:41)and at the death of his friend Lazarus (John11:35)

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    He is not man that He should tears. However when He came on earth as the Son of Man, He cried at the grave of Lazarus as a man but went on to call Lazarus from the dead as God.

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    God cries whenever George W Bush speaks

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    1 decade ago

    its a great story ,no doudt that god would have great reasons to cry but

    god gives life ,god is love ,god is light sustaining life to live ,

    tears are many but not from god ,why do we cry?

    some cry for sympathy ,others as a show ,others of horrer or fright or joy

    we cry when it hurts so bad ,we cry when others cry ,we cry when we are helpless ,god would be cryinmg non stop

    god has cried every tear ,but there is work to be done

    we4 make our own harvest ,god has seen it all ,but crying dosnt fix it but god will.

    if god were to cry god would also have to get angry ,but anger infures blame ,who's to blame oh my god?

    thus crying would be for god selfish ,

    what you crying for there lord

    you caused it or something?

    death isnt dying so theres no need for your crying.

    what of karma who is to say that we despise and decry as sin may be simple just deserts

    heck we dont know ,who can deney or affirm,

    but god does thats for sure ,

    if he wont let us walk alone

    why would he let us cry alone.

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    I can't imagine how much God cried, when Jesus died on the cross, covered in our sin. He couldn't even look at Him, since He can't be around sin. I think he must cry when we reject that sacrifice, condemming ourselves to hell. It grieves me to think of any perishing, so how more for God, who loves us so much?

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    Wow thank you... things that happend today and beutiful questions asked here make me feel like I know God, as if I am sitting beside him and am able to touch him... this question is very beautiful... thank you.

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    1 decade ago

    Nice one Scorp; I like the thoughts.

    God Bless

    Source(s): "Jesus wept".
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, I am sure that He cries. Jesus cried for Lazarus.

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    1 decade ago

    I believe so, He is very compassionate. Jesus did.

    (John 11:35) Jesus wept.

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