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mutual funds fidelity investment?

I recently invested my money in fidelity mulual funds and this is my portfolio:

FDCAX -$5000





It will be 1 year investment.Do you think I should change something?


I am 27 and I can take some risk so I would go with value and growth.

Update 2:

since this is my first investment and I dont know much about it I did it for one year only.

I want to invest another $20000.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Nobody could answer this question properly without knowing your investment objectives. By this I mean - what risks are you willing to take to earn money. Your investment objective should be geared towards your age and risk tolerance. I am in my late 20's and my investments are heavily weighted in value and growth. I am not concerned with losing money as much as I am for making a bunch. As I get older my portfolio will slow down on the riskier stocks and add more bonds. Start first by asking yourself what is your objective? You are only investing for one year? That does not make much sense.

    So - you are 27.. I come back to the question - are you really only investing for one year? Or did you make that up out of the air.. to see how much money you can make in one year? My best advice, if you are investing in mutual funds - which is likely not your best option if you are trying to make a "quick buck"... would be to invest in international, value, growth type stocks - look for funds with low costs. My point is that you will not be able to make much money off of these as you will be paying %10 early payoff penalties and high taxes to get your money back. Consult an advisor for investing that kind of money, you will lose if you don't.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You'll do fine with what you selected....

    The bond fund may be a little large for your age ( after six months or so...look into the " Freedom Fund" that sort of matches your projected retirement date...they throw a mix of funds into your bond holdings..slightly more aggressive, but nothing scary)

    Also...( just a thought) are well invested in many good American companies ( check the fund " holdings") but you don't seem to have much ( if any) "global" or "international" exposure.

    You're young enough to take a $3000. shot at FEMKX or something,(even FGBLX) with some foreign markets involved...the rest of the world is putting us to shame (as far as growth goes) lately...make it work for you a "leetle"

    One way or the other...I think you're headed toward growing pretty nicely...( hopefully "doubling" in 5 years or less)

    Do your own study on the Fidelity site...or msn/moneycentral has nice run-downs on funds ( top 25 holdings, performance, m/star ratings)

    Good luck

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  • For one year the only thing you should be invested in is a saving/money market account. Stocks/funds are not for short-term investments.

    Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your portfolio sucks.

    I suggest you to sell all your Mutual Funds and let me pick new mutual funds and ETFs for you.

    I can offer you better returns with less risk.

    Top 4 Answerer.

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