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If Christians were 2 give up hope 4 Heaven & realize "death means it's over", COULD OUR WORLD come together?

Instead of placing all of their hopes into this thing called God-that has never done any race-religion-tribe-or religion any good; (only causing despair, agony, suffering & war)-and accepted their fellow man as equals not prejudicing them by the BIGGOTRY that THEIR religion implies (I am saved-you should be-and if you are not YOU WILL GO TO HELL) meaning that CHRISTS Chosen Children have made a choice to accept Christ there-by accepting that they are of the SAVED and the rest condemned-placing Their Bible as a Guideline to how men who are righteous should behave-(PRAISE GOD!)-and yet tell 1 Christian that you are not a believer in THEIR way of thinking and they attack you as an animal injured with NOTHING THEY CAN PROVE assembled in mass and degenerate(A GANG!)-which only convinces them of their SUPERIORITY in Christ-provides an excuse (I am forgiven) and history PROVES that they have done this for centuries and have caused more suffering THAN ANY KNOWN DISEASE on this planet. See my ?

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    What you don't realize is that most Christians are forgiving people. If Christians gave up on the hope of heaven why would anyone of us bother to be nice to anyone else? If we weren't worried about your eternal salvation we would be the first to kick you to the curb and quit talking to each other altogether. You should be happy for the religions of the world keeping the dialog open for discussion. If we weren't trying to live a righteous life we would just kill people that didn't believe as we do at the drop of a hat.

    "You don't like my philosophy on life? Then I will just put out of my way."

    This would be counter productive to the peace efforts you speak of. YES?

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    Do you think that Christianity has a monopoly on bigotry? Is the fact that they have hope in heaven hindering you in your faith? If Christians gather together to worship and praise God and go out and try to fulfill the command to go and tell all the world the good news about the savior what is that to you? Do you think it doesn't have anything to do with you? Don't you have anything better to do than to sit here and write out all the excuses you can think of to keep from repenting of your own sin?

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    Grace unto you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed, there's a lot of AND in the Bible. Regarding "converted", there's two biblical sorts of it: - Mt 13:15 = 'epistrepho' converted = turn (away from law) - Mt 18:3 = 'strepho' converted = turn (back to childish law) So in Lk 22:32 Peter (called Satan in Mt 16) was prayed for, notably that Satanic Peter would get 'epistrepho' converted, then he would strengthen (grace), not weaken (law) brethren. Regarding "repent", it can be sorry, for getting caught, and sorry does not cut it with God, who will have all men both saved + awared; not just saved, which can turn out to be saved + destroyed, which Jude 1:5 reminds us, and just prior to entering Revelation, the final exam, is like traversing thru the best of spam. As for the "AND" thing, in Galatians 4:30 what the allegory-ic script-u-are saith is: "cast out the bondwoman AND her son". (cast out the law AND result of the law) The bondwoman is not Agar, but Mary. The son is not Ishmael, but Jesus. Jesus = salvation AND destruction; So we also cast out this AND to have only salvation. As for 'confession of sins', it is notably HOW your adversay knows whom it may DEVOUR. That's why true God & Son don't law impute sin, not to confess, nor to forgive: 2Corinthians 5:19. For law imputed sin hath never forgiveness: Mt 3:29; AND that is why Romans 4:15 PLAINLY tells us, where no law, there no transgression (to be in). So when we flush law as dung, then sin AND death go bye bye. As for your oft mention of Somon's Proverbs, it's notable Proverbs = PLURAL = Double minded, and this sort of plural minded can become mindead. More excellent is neither broad nor narrow mindead. As for what is needful, notice in 1Timothy 2:3,4 God our Saviour will have all men saved + awared, AND obviously to a-void being saved + destroyed, which Jude 1:5 notes endead badly for them all. As for a need for mercy, even merciful, ONLY Graceful + Merciful = Peaceful. Anything less is not best, nor true rest. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

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    If you hade a real taste of the peace we have in our hearts you would run right to the truth of Jesus.

    Not to mention when the power of the Holy Spirit comes upon you, Will put you in awe of the living God and once you have tasted of it, you know He is real and only want to share it with others.

    How cruel of us.

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    Dude, that is one LONG sentence.

    And to answer your question: No, the world would not be at peace. 1)B/c there are many other intolerant religions as well. And 2)You'll only have true peace if you have Jesus.

    God bless

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    No... Without the idea of heaven and God, what is the point of living? The world would be worse off than it already is.

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    What a miserable phylosophy you have. I personally will enjoy eternal life with Jesus Christ.

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    What good does it do to profit the entire world and lose your soul?

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    true christians will never give up their hope of heaven.. JESUS has promised this, HE does not change HIS mind.

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    Good luck!

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