how can we help arab to be good ppl? cause we see in the t.v what they do?

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    1 decade ago
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    "Good" is subjective. I assume you are referencing the Arabs that blow this or that up, and not all Arabs. The majority of Arabs are good people in that they are simply trying to survive and make life easier for themselves, just as we are in America (and just like the majority of humans do).

    It is the radicals that are the problem. Both in America and Arab states (and in all countries really), these are the ones who feel the world has turned to evil and that the only way to deal with it is to remove "undesirable" people. Its easy enough to see in Muqtada al Sadr or Osama bin Laden; but what have we done about Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell. We complain about Mahmoud Ahmadenijad (and rightfully so) but you'd be surprised how closely he resembles George Bush in his tactics and governing style. The only difference, who they attribute their success and ideas to (Ahmadenijad to Allah, Bush to Jesus).

    Worry about yourself and spreading your beliefs (peacefully however, not Pat Robertsony). Let them deal with them.

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    You are obviously either very ignorant or a very isolated person who does not leave the house and only watches the liberal new media everyday.

    First of all, you are a racist.

    Second of all, "Arab" people do not need anyone's help on being a good people. Every race has their bad apples and pragmatic fanatical off the wall wierdos. Do not group all the Arab people together as Bad people, because they are not. That is like saying that Germans need help being good, Irish people need help being good, Mexican people need help being good.

    My advice....leave the house and get educated. Stop being a racist.

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    Please bear in mind that what you may see on TV is not necessarily a reflection of reality. TV, even TV news, is in the business of making money. This is done through advertising. In order for the advertising to work, people have to see it. In order for people to see the advertising, they must be persuaded to sit through the programs. Programs must be stimulating enough to keep the viewer's interest.

    What is stimulating? Conflict. Consequently, conflict is emphasized over accuracy.

    Since the United States is currently engaged in a struggle in an area of the world in which most of the population is Arabian, and we have a desperate need to see ourselves as the "good guys," those with whom we are in conflict are portrayed as the "bad guys."

    We have had a long series of "bad guys." Russians, Vietnamese, Koreans, Germans, etc, etc.

    Now, some of our former "bad guys" are "good guys."

    On it goes.

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    Of ocurse setting and living an exemplary life wouldn't be destructive enough initially, so I guess a justifiable war might do.

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    hahahaha.... how can we help ... wtf what u see on TV is only half the truth . i have satellite TV and i have watch aljazzera and other networks and what the show on there networks are much more realistic and closer to the truth then what we get to see on our local/cable news programs .... the middle is the way it is because of foreign interference, greed,pride and power struggles.

    i don't really see how we can help in those issues....

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    Jesus!!!! How many terrorist vs people living in the middle east, it probably less than 10%!!!!!!!

    Stop generalizing...thats part of OUR PROBLEM!!!!

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