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Can u have dental xrays in your third trimester?

The dentist said I could but I am just unsure if I should I have the worst tooth ach

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    Yes, you can. However, if you are unsure, call your OB. Routine x-rays are usually avoided during pregnancy, but if you have a bad toothache, it is okay to take one. This is considered an emergency situation. The amount of radiation in one dental x-ray is very very small. They will probably double shield you just to make sure the baby is protected.

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    The potential harm to your unborn child from a dental x-ray (extremely low) should be weighed against potential harm to your health from an infected tooth (potentially high).

    As said above, ask your OB, but one single x-ray with an apron in the 3rd trimester is as safe as you can be...especially if your dentist offers digital x-rays.

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    Should be fine. Dental x-rays are low powered. Also, you could ask for a lead shield gown to be worn during the x-ray, which could shield some stray rays. It is heavy, though.

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    Yes. Just make sure to wear the lead vest/apron provided.

    If it makes u feel better ask your ob for their opinion. Me, personally, I had 2 teeth pulled while 7 months pregnant and my daughter turned out just perfect.

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    I would ask your ob/gyn, or doctor who is taking care of you.

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