For a 2002 pontiac firehawk......TTI TURBO OR STS TURBO which one is better?

Which one is better current mods are.......custom tune, underdrive pulleys, long tube headers, borla catyltic converter, TNT "100 shot"

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would say TTI. STS has some issues hat I absoluetly hate about remote mounting, mostly involving the oil system, "intercooling" system, and position of the air filter. Engine bay turbos are still better by far.

    Parts you'll have to say bye bye to: headers, nitrous. in-bay turbos use their own manifolds, so headers are usless.

    On an engine not built for forced induction, which yours isn't, pick one and keep it to low levels. Want to run both turbo and nitrous at mid/ high levels reliably? Your mod list should include H or X-beam rods, preferably titanium, forged crank -destroked is preferable for faster spooling- , ceramic top forged pistons, and a decent fuel management contoller/ reprog, like HPtuners or Megesquirt. Build your engine for double the power you plan on tossing at it, and reliability won't be an issue.

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