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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsMathematics · 1 decade ago

Question about T-test statistics and slopes?

Can't figure it out this one all day and it looks easy

e) Is estimated slope value of 1.53 statistically significantly greater than zero? Conduct appropriate hypotheses, calculate an appropriate test statistic, calculate a p-value or critical value and interpret your result in the context of the problem. Use α=0.05.

Here are the known values

A sample of 19 female bears was measured for chest girth (y) and neck girth (x), both in inches. The LS regression equation related the two variables is ŷ=5.32+1.53x

SSE=231.72 sq. inches, r=0.887, SSxx=365.18 sq.inches, and x¯ =18.76 inches

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    I hope by SSxx you mean the Sum of Squares from the Regression

    So now Your F statistic is. SSxx/MSE

    MSE = 231.72/n-2 = 231.72/17 = 13.63....

    Your F statistic is = 365.18/13.63 = 26.79....

    Critical value = F(1,17) at 0.05 = 4.45

    Since 26.79 is greater than 4.45 you reject the Ho that beta = 0.

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