Why doesn't Iowa have a professional football team?

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    the state of iowa loves football, look at the hawkeyes.. kinnick stadium is always sold out, and one of the reasons they get into such great bowl games every year is because the fans are extremely loyal and travel well. iowa is not a very big state, but if there was a pro team in des moines i could almost guarantee a near sellout every sunday that there is a home-game, seeing as how you can get to des moines from anywhere in the state in just about 4 1/2 hours or less.. and besides, look at a place like Green Bay, they're just a few thousand people bigger than des moines.

    this is coming from an Iowa resident who knows how passionate people from this state are about our athletic programs. so anyone not from Iowa really has no frame of reference whatsoever

    and to that dummy named 'Yep' above me, Kinnick Stadium is the 5th biggest stadium in the Big Ten, 5th out of 11. and Kinnick is the 30th largest college football stadium IN THE COUNTRY! like i said earlier, people from outside of Iowa really have no frame of reference when it comes to sports in this state

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    5 years ago

    Here are the responses you are going to get. USC barely lost, and they are a solid football team, therefor they are allowed to slip up and remain in the top 10. Michigan was pre-season ranked, and lost to a 1AA school, which is worse than losing to a 1-5 team in your own conference apparently. Texas, Oklahoma and Florida dropped less than 9 spots, why did USC drop 9 spots. USC is a dynasty, that regardless of a close loss, they should still have a chance to play for the championship. The PAC 10 and SEC are the toughest conferences in college football. You are right about the money, nobody wants to see Hawaii vs Boise in a championship, they want to pay to see big names. Last year there were 2 undefeated teams at the end of the season, only one played in the title game...If the fact that everyone is considered 1A, then if you go undefeated, you should be in the championship game. The problem with last year is Florida brings more money than Boise State. Funny how a Big 10 school wins a game, a close game but still wins, they have dropped in ranking...as well as other conferences. These polls are polls and money makes the decisions. College football is all about money, that's why they will never go to a playoff. USC is #10 because the pollsters are doing the best they can to get them into the big game. Money talks, and we all know what walks...

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    The population base is too small to support a team in the modern era. The only reason teams like Green Bay and Jacksonville and etc. made it is because of team investments and league endorsement deals and etc. If Iowa had at least three cities of over 1.5 million people, i couls see a team being put there some day.....

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    1 decade ago

    Iowa does not have a major media market like other states do:

    New York: NYC

    Texas: Houston, Dallas

    Georgia: Atlanta

    California: San Franciso, Ssan Diego (Still waiting on LA)

    The NFL is about making money, and Iowa is not profitable enough to make the NFL money.

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  • 1 decade ago

    From what I've seen of Iowa residents in regards to their driving skills, I would have to say your football team DIED due to another moron behind the wheel of the bus.

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    Not enough of a population base to support one. Des Moines, Iowa's largest city, is only around 200,000 people.

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    Too few people live in IOWA. TV markets determine where the money (and the NFL) will vote to put a team. Sorry.

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    Is Iowa a real place? a state?...is it bigger than Rhode Island..

    Iowa is the 26 biggest state in the USA,and 30th most populous state..,I looked it up ..I am kind of surprised actually.

    I guess Iowa likes to keep a low profile.

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    Because you have the vikings to the north, the Bears to the east, and the Chiefs and the Rams to the south. That area of the US can't really support another team in that region.

  • 1 decade ago

    Because Iowa sucks.

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