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What is requirements need to be a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ?

What kind of education? What kind of degrees?


I just learned presently that it may required a bachelor degree and a 15 year that correct? and what other information do i need to know?

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    What is a CEO, Chief Executive Officer? Many would envision a sharply dressed individual, briefcase in hand, who sets at the top of the corporate ladder, flies from one business meeting to the next in the company jet, and leads a personal life of wealth and luxury unknown to most. The dictionary defines a CEO as "The highest-ranking executive in a company or organization, responsible for carrying out the policies of the board of directors on a day-to day basis." The formal education and experience of top executives vary as widely as the nature of their responsibilities. Many top executives have a bachelor’s or higher degree in business administration or liberal arts. A CEO is much more than just another upper level manager who has been promoted due to standard of experience or performance. CEO's function as the main artery between the cooperate board members and the various levels of the organization itself. The CEO is often held solely responsible for the success or failure of a corporation. It is also the CEO's responsibility to maintain and implement the corporate objectives established by the board members. There are three major responsibilities of a corporate CEO.

    The first responsibility of a CEO is that s/he must have a vision. The CEO must be able to scan the environment for hints of future changes within the industry and be able to look into the future and predict changes as well as to project solutions to these changes. Seeing what is coming is only half of the job. Communicating this change to all other parts of the corporation is just as important. All of the various functions within the organization must be prepared to deal with foreseen changes or the company may not survive which means that a CEO must be a visionary, a problem solver, and a communicator.

    Second, a CEO must act as a role model for the entire organization. Everything from how s/he dresses to what their values and attitudes represent, serve as models for employees and managers alike. Therefore, the CEO has the responsibility of setting a good example for the corporation and challenges the CEO to be a role model and a leader.

    Third, a CEO should set performance standards for the company and promote those standards with confidence. The CEO must determine what standards are required to maintain a competitive advantage in the industry and implement these standards into the output of the corporation. Standards need to be set high to remain competitive yet still be within an attainable range. This requires that the CEO be a motivator as well as a supporter.

    These are duties of a CEO and are vital to the success of the company but the CEO's responsibilities do not end at the boundaries of the corporation. Every decision a CEO makes affects many different people both internal and external to the corporation. Therefore, every decision must be well thought out and planned; the consequences of a bad decision could destroy the company. The CEO's job is to implement and maintain the corporation's objectives through unexpected as well as foreseen threats and opportunities. The CEO is the key that keeps the corporation in focus. With highly competitive global markets and the fast-paced growth of technology, today's CEO's are faced with increasing requirements to meet success and the risks are greater then ever.

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    Ceo Education Requirements

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    This Site Might Help You.


    What is requirements need to be a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ?

    What kind of education? What kind of degrees?

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    There are none, really. I recall reading somewhere that less than 5% (or some such similar surprisingly small percentage) of CEOs do NOT have an MBA. In fact, in most cases, I believe most CEOs and corporate presidents work themselves through the sales ranks into management jobs and then move up from there. Well, there's that and the whole "it's all in who you know" thing.

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    1. An MBA from a top school is likely required.

    2. The willingness to work 80 hours a week, 52 weeks a year for life.

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    it is not the degree and not just education

    You need to show proven leadership experience and excellent past performance

    This is not an entry level job, you have to work for around 20- 30 years in high ranking jobs before you can be considered for CEO posiiton

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    Degrees and education are not mandantory but helps.


    1. You should be experienced in the business of the company.

    2. You should be a great leader and motivator.

    3. You should be great communicator and presenter.

    4. You should have understanding of all aspects of business including production, service, finance, human resource etc.

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    u need to take one step at a time. no hurry.

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