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艾微兒-My Happy Ending 動態歌詞

艾微兒-My Happy Ending 動態歌詞

誰可以 給我呢?

拜託 拜託 !!

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    [00:00.00]艾薇兒-My Happy Ending(快樂的結局)

    [00:00.13]From Under My Skin

    [00:00.77]lrc by Raenoll


    [00:03.38][01:12.13][02:19.92][03:05.17][03:27.66]So much for my happy ending

    [00:06.75][01:15.97][03:31.15][03:36.75]oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh

    [00:12.33]Oh oh, oh oh, oh...

    [00:17.39]Let's talk this over

    [00:19.98]It's not like we're dead

    [00:22.59]Was it something I did?

    [00:25.24]Was it something You said?

    [00:28.47]Don't leave me hanging

    [00:31.08]In a city so dead

    [00:34.09]Held up so high

    [00:36.07]On such a breakable thread

    [00:40.04][01:47.48]You were all the things I thought I knew

    [00:46.29][01:53.87]And I thought we could be

    [00:52.14][01:59.53][02:44.79][03:07.53]You were everything, everything that I wanted

    [00:57.34][02:05.05][02:50.58][03:12.98]We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it

    [01:02.99][02:10.77][02:56.23][03:18.61]All of the memories, so close to me, just fade away

    [01:09.30][02:17.07][03:02.33][03:24.90]All this time you were pretending

    [01:21.47]Oh oh, oh oh

    [01:25.26]You've got your dumb friends

    [01:27.72]I know what they say

    [01:30.55]They tell you I'm difficult

    [01:33.10]But so are they

    [01:36.28]But they don't know me

    [01:38.73]Do they even know you?

    [01:41.89]All the things you hide from me

    [01:44.42]All the shit that you do

    [02:23.50]It's nice to know that you were there

    [02:26.53]Thanks for acting like you cared

    [02:28.95]And making me feel like I was the only one

    [02:34.75]It's nice to know we had it all

    [02:37.46]Thanks for watching as I fall

    [02:40.30]And letting me know we were done

    [03:42.45]oh oh, oh oh, oh...

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