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急需要!請幫我中翻英履歷表 請不要翻譯軟體翻譯的..20點

個人在公司負責產品的製程工作,以及負責生產設備機台參數的設定與保養維修,在生產線上對於技術人員以及現場作業員適時進行協助,確保製造過程無錯誤發生,對於產品做修改製程方式以及制定 SOP(作業標準書),若是公司有新增製程機台,與相關部門進行設備評估與初級保養計畫,對於現行生產的製品提出製程改善對策及可行方案以及做案件評估要求。



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    Personal manufacturing process work that be responsible for a product in the company, and be responsible for the enactment that produces the equipment machine set parameter and maintain to maintain, Be producing on-line for technical personnel and scene the homework member carries on a help in good time, insuring manufacturing the process infallibility to take place, doing the modification manufacturing process method and drawing up SOP(homework standard book) to the product, if the company has already added the manufacturing process machine set, carrying on the equipment valuation and entry-level with related section to maintain a project, putting forward the manufacturing process improvement counterplan to the ware of the current production and canning go a project and doing the case valuation requesting.

    If occurrence when the guest tell to think a product occurrence minor faults, protect the section and the equipment section with article to carry on inquisition to the product of that production line, if the responsibility belong for the manufacturing process aspect, then carrying on the manufacturing process improvement and creating file a record(find out or provide a solution in the meantime) to take place again by avoiding a same problem.If in order to produce the equipment problem, the responsibility ownership then drafts the parameter enactment of the equipment machine set or carries on changing a machine project with the equipment section together.

    And for have already stabilized the product of the production, can carry on reducing cost and make a more flowing freely manufacturing process of the production line homework to provide the production line supervisor reference.

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